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I'm a relatively new Detective Conan fan (started watching in 2013), nice to meet everyone!

I just love mysteries and codes.

I like anime, reading in general and light/visual novels and messing around in photoshop, know 3 languages plus Japanese (except kanji). I like funny and interesting tricks in a plot.

My favorite character is Kaito Kid btw.

My personality is 50% shy and 50% curious. I always at least try to solve all the mysteries I see myself, except for the kanji codes and puns based on foreign languages accents. I also like making coded messages ^^

I used to ignore the mystery genre because for some strange reason incidents happens to my neighbors almost every time when I'm thinking of mysteries and that's not a good thing. I admitted I love mystery after all after reading the Neuro manga.

Btw, the idea for this one is from the ep. 309 diary.

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So you're a fan of Kaito Kid eh?

He's also one of my favorite characters, heh..

I also used avoid watching/reading mysteries, but for very naive reasons. Needless to say, that mindset of mine changed immensely later on.

I'm curious--how far have you gotten in the series?

I sometimes dislike whenever there are cases that require prior knowledge on Japanese culture or language since it's more difficult for me to follow, so I'm glad those don't make up the majority of the series.

But it's still kinda fun learning the mechanics of it though.

I'm also fond of toying around with photoshop and various other image editors during my spare time.

It seems like we have quite a bit in common, hmm..

I hope you enjoy your stay here! The DC community is probably one of my favorites out of all the fanbases I've been in so far.


Oh you clever scoundrel.

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Nice to meet you as well Naru.


I was always into mysteries, but never bothered watching mystery anime and reading mystery books, until I first discovered Detective Conan. I'm also a bit new. Started watching the Case closed (English version of Detective Conan) back in May. I'm now on Detective Conan, somewhere in the middle of the 300s episode arc. I am also getting into a lot of Mystery novels and the like thanks to Detective Conan. (Haha. :P)


Hmm... Well, I know some Japanese, but not all of it. I still have lots of a ways to go until I know at least half or all of it. I am studying it though, little by little. 


I sometimes try to solve the mysteries they give in the episodes as well, though I usually always get it wrong. (So much for my detective skills. Haha. :P) I think I only figured out one or two cases that they had in Detective Conan so far, but it is fun trying to figure the cases out! (Makes you feel like a detective!) xD


Anyways, hope you have fun here at Detective Conan World. It's awesome here. :)

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First of all, hello! neko%20000.gif

I'm Ayame, your average (semi-)otaku who happens to be obsessed with cats (and candy). Plausible? Yes.

Okay, Ayame is not my first name, and Haibara is not my last- just so we're clear. I do eat candy and adore cats in real life though.

That's my introduction done.

(Now to topic-ish)I second Kenzi-san's opinion on the Japanese puns. I know that DC was made in Japan- but as I do not know as much of the language, it just feels like I'm missing out on the mystery neko%20024.gif

I definitely enjoy the mysteries overall, but DC is currently on hold for me...


  • Procrastination
  • Homework
  • Assessments
  • Other animes

(And last but not least) Welcome to DCW~ *gives candy*

That is your 'welcome' candy from me neko%20029.gifTreat it kindly...

I hope to see you around the forum! But before I go:



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Thanks! I do intend to stay on this site.


I figure out the culprit and the motif most of the time, but it's rare for me to guess the trick (well except for some alibi tricks and almost all closed rooms, I'm used to solving them). 


DC was on hold for me too, but now I put every other anime on hold to catch up  :lol:

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Oh, you're welcome! I also, in the past, I tried to solve some cases, but I've had success rarely! If you wanted talk to me for some reason, no problem! How said E.T:"I will always be here!" Excuse me for this stupid citation!  ;) Have fun! 

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