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Hajime Kindaichi

The Kindaichi series is long overdue for a complete sub!

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Hello folks! I think it's time that the Detective Conan community should sit down and have a long hard discussion about subbing the rest of the kindaichi episodes from the original series that have not been completed and the second movie. Or we redo the series, because most of the subs out there are really bad. Kindaichi is hidden gem in the anime community and it seems like it is the only anime to not have the subs completed. Let have a serious discussion about it folks!


now for some facts:


  • Of the 148 episodes made in the original series, only 71 have been subbed! (translations aren't very good and yellow text)
  • Of the 2 movies, only the first one has been subbed! (Again, bad translations and icky yellow text)
  • Both of the TV specials have been subbed and have good quality subs with pretty white text! (Good!)
  • The new series has been picked up by Crunchyroll and is being subbed each week! (Good!)

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i believe there is an Indonesian group currently doing subs for this. i have been longing for this series to be subbed in english completely but it was so underrated that only few know about the series.

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There is that one group doing an episode every month or so but sub groups just don't come together lol. There isn't even really quality subs for the early Conan episodes when you look back

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