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A Word Game?

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This game is based off one I play occasionally with my friends:

Basically the first person says a random word/ short phrase, and the second person has to say any word/short phrase that begins with the last letter of the word previously said. The only catch here is that the word has to have something to do with (guess what?) Detective Conan or Magic Kaito in some way.

Although repeating a previous word/short phrase is forbidden in the actual game, as long as you come up with a word that has not been said in the (say, 10 previous posts). Just try not to repeat... Plurals and past tense is allowed. Names and various media related to DC is also allowed. 

For example,

Player 1: Detectives.

Player 2: Summer Time Gone...

Player 3: Ekoda 



Starting word: Conan


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^Breaking the rules by repeating... But it's not like there was another choice so I guess that's fine!

Ichibyōgoto ni Love for you (an opening song :D

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Sorry, I didn't know someone posted that already D:


Ueto Aya...

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