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Forever Lost

Speaking Of... A One-Shot Just For You All

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Speaking Of...



It was infuriating.


Only the tiniest bit endearing.


Overall, angering.


Edogawa Conan stood in the middle of the sidewalk, his face turning pinker by the second. A foreigner stood in front of him, her shadow looming over him. She had long, wavy brown hair and bright blue eyes. There was even a random strand of pink hair, which never ceased to confound Conan. Her expression was a mix of exasperation and confusion.


"I'm sorry, can you say that one more time?" Another round of giggles erupted from behind him. Haibara Ai was being none-too-helpful. He'd never heard her genuinely laugh before, but he'd rather hear it in a much different situation.


Preferably one that didn't include him as the subject of hilarity.


"I sayed, if you go thaht wayu, doyun za sutreetu, around za co-" Conan just stopped talking, clenching his teeth together. The foreigner looked even more confused.


"Your accent is horrendous, Kudo-kun." Haibara added helpfully. She was now at his side, a smirk planted on her face.


"At least I'm trying to help." He retorted, glaring at her. Some of his anger began to fade at the brightness in her eyes. She hadn't been this free since... well, he couldn't think of a time that she had ever been like this.


The foreigner began to get impatient, whining aloud about being lost with some little kids who only spoke Japanese to help her. "And to make this all worse, this little girl is laughing at me." Conan flinched when he noticed Haibara raise an eyebrow.


And then she spoke.


"I was not laughing at you. I was laughing at his terrible English pronunciation. The place you're looking for should be right down this street and around the corner if you turn left. About halfway down you'll see it on your right."


Conan stared in stunned silence. The foreigner seemed to be a bit captivated as well, but then she broke into a smile.


"Oh. Well thank you! Sayonara! Airy gatoe!" Both 'children' cringed slightly at her mispronunciation but waved at her anyway as she began to jog down the street.


"Haibara, you..." She smirked.


"Yes, Kudo-kun, I can speak English, too. Did you forget about my origins? My hair not an obvious reminder?" Conan scowled at her back as she began to continue their walk that had previously been interrupted.


"Sure, I thought you could. I just never heard you say anything. And it's...."


"Clear? Understandable?" Her suggested word endings made Conan forget any good thing he had begun to think about her and her laughing. She was evil.


"You have a British accent." He stated, somewhat still in awe. He had caught up to her now, studying her face.


"Funny, I thought you were the next great Sherlock Holmes. But you know I'm half-British and half-Japanese." She was infuriating, indeed.


"Give me a break, would you? I just was surprised. After all, you never speak in another language around me, and didn't you go to school in America? Wouldn't you have an American accent?" Haibara shrugged, her smirk fading slightly and her eyes growing distant.


"I may have been schooled in America, but that's not neccessarily where I learned or spoke English the majority of the time. Or the other languages I know." Conan raised his eyebrow again.


"Other languages?"


"I know Japanese, too." Conan deadpanned. They fell into silence. Conan sighed internally. It was too bad she had to be such a conversation killer. He rarely got to know anything new about her, and now she was shut off to him once again.


"I don't get you, Haibara." He muttered, looking up at the professor's house. They had arrived at their intended destination. Before she passed through the gate, Haibara turned and gave him a playful smirk.


"Maybe that's the way I like it."





Hey everyone! Long time no see! I decided to come say hi and write a little one-shot just for you all. I doubt it'll make its way to Fanfiction.net, but who knows? For all the new people, I'm ForeverLost or HaibaraDaiFan, also the maker of that little nifty logo thing on a lot of people's signatures. (It's in mine, too.) I think I'm going to update my fic list that's also hiding in my signature, so if you're interested, have a look!


P.S., bold is English.


Any thoughts?

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Ai-chan :3! I've always wondered what she sounds like when she speaks English, Gosho should make her speak English too! The story was really good, I loved the ending!

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