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DCW IRL Round 14: Shibuya Infinity

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(We're friends with the Skeleton Man? MOM I MADE FRIENDS WITH A SKELETON!! :P


"Hmm, I was sure we had more people here. Where's the lady*cough*woman who likes bursting in other languages?" Aster mused, sitting cross-legged on the ground, not worrying about getting dirty. Japan was said to be clean anyway. 

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(Somehow my chara just turned into a little sister type o.o

Anyways... People~

Let's gatherrrrrr!)



(We're friends with the Skeleton Man? MOM I MADE FRIENDS WITH A SKELETON!! :P


"Hmm, I was sure we had more people here. Where's the lady*cough*woman who likes bursting in other languages?" Aster mused, sitting cross-legged on the ground, not worrying about getting dirty. Japan was said to be clean anyway. 



 After a lot of self-debate, she followed the car to the Shibuya 109, which was just a short distance away from the park. Azura was tagging along, sharing the same concept as everyone there (that lives needed to be saved).


 After some walking, she reached the towering structure of the department store/fashion mecca. A lot of people were crossing about, but she easily spotted the group she was with, due to their clothes (they stood out quite prominently)


 Hmmmm, there' s Tsukiko, Alek, Misaki, "Chopper", Ren-kun, AL.... She drew a blank on the names on the two people chatting to each other: one androgynous redhead girl and one other guy. She would ask for their names later...wait, she wasn't the type of person to ask some random stranger's name...


 This trip was seriously pulling her out of her comfort zone.


 Her backpack (the one she originally had)  was seriously getting annoying. The other bag she had brought for necessities was bouncing around with every step. She pulled out a small cap she had brought earlier, and set it on her short, black hair. Good, she thought as she tuned in into the conversations of her companions.


"Hmmm, I was sure we had more people here. Where's the lady-*cough*-woman who likes bursting in other languages?"


 Hey, Japanese is also another language!, she thought as she rolled her eyes. She was not a lady, and she was definitely not a woman. She was...herself. That was the only way to accurately describe her.


 She leaned against the wall of the mall (Ooooh, rhyming words!), waiting for something she couldn't quite pinpoint. Maybe it was KID?


*apologizes to Rye for dragging her around* :P

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@Nara-chan: No need to apologize! I'm actually really thankful for your dragging me around, and everything else in between. I really appreciate it :)




After the brief awkward and embarrassing moment of being stared at by the foreigners (which seemed more like an hour to Azura), the strange group went back to discussing among themselves. Azura found it unnatural, though, how the weird hodgepodge didn't attract much attention from the passersby. Usually, something like that would attract even a bit of attention. 


"Is it really because Japan's usually filled with tourists that something like that's considered a natural thing?" Azura thought to herself. As she stood up and brushed the dust off her jeans, she noticed that not all of the foreigners had gone back to their discussion---there was a girl who was still looking at her, as if observing her.


Azura and the girl shared some common physical features---they had the same hair color, same hair length, same jeans color. However, their facial features were quite different---Azura had Japanese-like facial features, and Azura was pretty sure that the girl's facial features were a bit, if not really similar to the facial features of some girls from Azura's home country.


Azura was surprised when the girl suddenly sprinted towards her, their eyes still locked. 


"Anata wa watashitachi ni miru koto ga dekimasu? (You can see us?)" The girl asked. Azura blinked.


"Umm..." She muttered to herself, unsure of what to respond. 


"You can see us?" The girl asked, now in English.


"...Wait, what? Did she just ask if I could see them?" Azura found it strange that the girl would ask such a question. The way the girl asked it made it seem like there was something going on, something deeper and more serious. 


"O-Of course I can," Azura answered. "How could I not?" She said, smiling a bit awkwardly as she said the words. Her smile faded quickly when she saw the girl's reaction to her response. Even though it was very brief---the girl's facial expression immediately reverted back to a poker face---Azura was sure that the girl was shocked, which was an unexpected reaction to her reply.


"Is something wrong?" Azura asked. The girl looked at the group beside them, then back to Azura. "You see, there's something really complicated going on. I don't really know why, but somehow a bunch of foreigners ended up in Shibuya and gathered together after meeting this Skeleton Man. It seems like we're invisible to the other passersby. Since strangely, you're able to see us, it seems like you're part of the group as well..." 


Azura took a moment to comprehend what the girl just said. It was really strange and highly improbable, if not impossible. Yet something was tugging at her, telling her it's true.


"How are you sure I'm part of this?" Azura said. "You don't seem like one who kids around---you sound like you're really serious about what it is you're saying. What I mean is, how are you sure this is really true? You only see this kind of stuff in movies and manga, right?" 


"It seems that there is something common in all of the members of the group. According to the Skeleton Man, we're all part of a certain online forum." The girl replied. Now that the girl mentioned it, Azura remembered the Skeleton Guy saying something like that while she was eavesdropping. "Are you...perhaps...part of an online forum called Detective Conan World?" The girl asked.


Azura didn't need to say the answer---the look of shock on her face already gave it away. The girl smiled a bit. "Well then, welcome to our strange group. Though, I'm not so sure if we really are welcome..." The girl glanced briefly at the group before continuing.


"You can call me Mari. What's your name?" Mari inquired. "Azura. You can call me Azura." 


"I might as well fill you in, Azura. Something's going to happen tonight---A KID attack. And according to Skelly, people are going to die tonight." Mari said gravely, staring at the pavement. "The others are planning to stop it, I guess. I think it would be best to explain everything to you later, that is, if you want to come." She continued. Silence followed.


Azura thought that they should leave the matter to the police. She didn't know why, but something was telling her that it would be best if she tagged along. She decided it would be best to trust her instincts. After all, it's gotten her this far already.


"Well...I'm in, then. I guess I'll tag along." Azura said. Not long after, a car arrived, and the others tried to squeeze in. She and Mari were left behind, and they trailed the car to the department store just near the park. Mari filled her in along the way, telling her the important information. Azura figured Mari was quite reserved, but that was alright with her. After all, she wasn't that different. The rest of the walk was quiet.


Mari had been able to find the group easily, probably because the others stood out. She watched the people walk by her as she waited by the department store, with Mari leaning against the wall just near her.




@Nara-chan: Sorry for making you say a lot of stuff ;A; 

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((Consider me out of the round until further notice. (I won't be on DCW pretty much at all either.) My computer won't stay on for more than minutes at a time, and I may not be getting a new one for a few weeks.))

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(Status report. I'm not seeing much contribution from the following people:



Henry Gordan


Also, the following people I understand to be on temporary hiatus:


Rukia Kurosaki


For the first two people, you will be kicked if I don't see any more contribution.


Also, this round will last two months instead of the standard one month length; you probably won't miss the whole round. Regarding Rukia's role, I'll find a way to put her character on a bus for the time being [convenient timing, since that person is about to show up]. Just tell me when you'll be back, and we'll coordinate to put you back in the round.



Also, Leiyu and Nara, please take conversations like that elsewhere.


Story-related meeting will probably occur tomorrow? Haven't finished writing it yet.


Finally: Minor poll up. The results of this poll probably won't really influence the story, but it might. Just a little. Or a lot.)

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"Just call me L," the redhead said apathetically.


Elle, huh? That won't be fun to say, though I supposed it's easier than some people's names here...


"Um..." Misaki said, gathering the attention of the rest of the group, "Do you think we should... um, break up and look at the building or stay together?"

"Do you mean split up?"

"Yes, yes!" 
she replied, nodding. "It might be good to split up because it would be easier to look around without attracting too much attention. So? What do you think?"

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Ari could imagine this KID attack just like the Payday gang on his favorite game, Payday 2. Although the Payday gang did not have relations to save lives. HT then asked everybody, "Did comrades have plan?"

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(Nisemonogatari quote!? XD)


"So uh... What do we do now?" Amber asked as the group approached the 109 building.

The streets are still crowded despite nearing the closing time and it does not seem like the crowd will be dispersing soon at all. There was still time before anything would happen so Amber figured she'd surf the net while waiting.


'Alright... I just have to connect to the-hmm...?'

Amber's phone vibrated as soon as the connection was made.

'An internet call? Who's email is this...?'


Amber hesitated a little but picked it up anyway.

".... Hello?" 



(Woo hoo~ One more subject for midterms and it's done~ :P )

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Sorry, it was Midsummer which is reason to party long. So I wasn't able to get on the net.



Aleksander left others to the front door and drove his car in parking house.


"Hmm. There is elevator up which could be used. But others should be at the front door."


Aleksander walked back to others who were talking about splitting up.


Suddenly one girl got call

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(Nisemonogatari quote!? XD)

(Did you notice that Chris, Lilliam, Robert, and Kyoko were all asked the same question in their interviews, and they each gave a completely different response? This is actually plot-relevant, at least a little; it shows their respective alignments in relation to each other.


I promise plot-relevant event today! :o)

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Actual plot relevant stuff in spoilers here!

"Well, hello. Good afternoon." The skeleton man looked at the sun, which was now setting. "Oh, it's getting late. Well, good evening, then."


"I see you've all gathered at the 108 Building, so I find...this would be a good time to clear up a misconception." As he was about to speak, an explosion occurred on one of the floors of the 108 Building. The people around began to panic, running away from the explosion. People began running away from the scene. "Well, you see. I think I mentioned this would be an attack. I never said this would be a heist."


"There will be four more explosions occurring in..." and he looked at his watch and continued, "10 more minutes. If you don't find the KID by then, the whole building will come crashing down. And that would cause panic." He seemed to turn around to leave, but then grabbed L by the arm. "I'll be taking her for a moment. Safekeeping. It's that person's orders." 


"Well, good luck, then." He disappeared, along with L, leaving you with a building in imminent danger and 10 minutes to avert a catastrophe that you probably are ill-prepared for.


Here's also a conversation between two characters that I wrote up. What they say will likely come into play in the later chapters.

"So, what did you want to talk about?"


"I don't remember asking you for any conversation, yeah?" Kyoko took another french fry out of the container on the tray on the table. Lilliam took the seat across from her and grinned.


"Don't lie. You have that look on your face." Her grin widened.


"Who knows. Maybe I just wanted to eat some fries, yeah?" Kyoko moved as if to stifle a yawn, but then paused, glaring at Lilliam. "I thought you were just observing." She took another fry.


"Keke. How could I* stay and just watch while they've made their move?"


"They? Oh, I see." Another fry, then another. Three fries went by before Kyoko began to speak. "Well, I sent a group after him. But," she said while playing with a fry, "they won't stop him."


Lilliam laughed, a harsh sound that sounded like "ka ka". I guess you could describe it like a crow? Anyway, she said after she recovered, "Well, that's a pointless move, then!"


"Not quite." Kyoko took the fry and ate it after toying with it a little more. She took another fry and played with it as well. "Though they'll fail this time, I wonder about next time. And next time."


Lilliam's grin disappeared, and was replaced with a grim look. Then she stood up and dusted her uniform off. "You want a shake as well?"


Kyoko gestured for the affirmative. "Counting on you."



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 Gomen, I'm busy.


 They had 10 minutes, 9 members (Alek, Tsukiko, AL, Chopper, Misaki, Azura, "Mari", the other guy and Ren-kun. The redhead was gone) and some panicking customers running all over each other in their hands, put there by the stupid skelly man. Hey, a vacation in Shibuya for me does not mean finding a bomb!


 She tried to recall where she had heard the bombs. She closed her eyes and tried to pinpoint the sound from wherever it came from.


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Ari looked at the other members. L went dark (missing) and he told the other members, "I'm Ari but that's not important right now because we got a bomb to find. Don't worry, I can defuse bombs."

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"I'm Ari but that's not important right now because we got a bomb to find. Don't worry, I can defuse bombs." one boy said


"Huh!? I doubt that he isn't even eighteen and he can defuse bomb."


"Well, good for you. We should split and see first two floors. In ten minutes this place is full of people and there will be lots of innocent people dying. And the bomb is most likely in first two floors. And if you find it, call or send pic of the think to Ari. Damm I should have been in military engineering depart in army." Aleksander said quickly and started to rush to stairs.

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(Isn't it 109? How did it turn to 108? o.O am I mistaken somewhere?)




Amber nodded before hanging up the phone. 

'Alright it's starting soon... a few more hours...' She thought as she saw the time on her phone. 


When all of them gathered at the base of the building, the skeleton man appeared. 'Wait what!? It's not time yet right?!'

Suddenly an explosion was seen on one side of the building and Amber jumped back in shock. 'WHAT THE ****! THERE REALLY IS AN ATTACK!!! THIS IS... MADNESS! ****!!! But... IT'S NOT TIME YET RIGHT!?!?!?!?' 


The skeleton man then told them to find KID in 10 minutes else the building will crash and cause panic. '...THE PEOPLE ARE ALREADY PANICKING! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!'

Like it isn't bad enough, the skeleton man went ahead and grabbed one of the girls in their group, saying that it was under someone's orders. 'That person.' he says. After spouting even more nonsense, he's gone. 


"WAIT!" Amber managed to shout but the guy has already left. 'OHHH GOSHHH WHAT SHOULD WE DO NOW!?'

Amber cannot help but panic. Is this going to turn out like another 911? If the building crashes then everyone dies. Even though she is told to find KID in ten minutes, fear is stopping her from entering the building. It is pretty natural, she thought, probably, only heroes would calmly walk into a building which had just exploded, knowing there are more of them, which could explode at any moment, and will crash the building and then kill people in a mere ten minutes, or perhaps less. 


Strangely, the other members were calm, and one of them even said they could defuse bombs, and the rest seems to be good with the idea of looking for the bombs. Amber does not even need to rely on her sixth sense to know that there are dangerous things and probably beings in the building and she should never go in. However, if she were to ignore this, guilt would plague her entire life. 


'ARGH!' Amber banged her head on the wall to clear her mind and fear. "OWWWWww!" she screamed in pain, but that got rid a little of her fear. She figured that she should get down to action before her fear comes back or she'll probably just run away. 

"CURSE THE SKELETON MAN AND WHOEVER THIS KID IS. LET'S GO DESTROY SOME BOMBS!!!" Amber yelled as she ran against the crowd, into the building.


All this crazy stuff in just a day has spoiled her entire relaxing vacation.



(GOoooooooooooooooo!!! Uh... maybe someone chase after the reckless me? XD)

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 One of the people, Chopper, had gone off her rocker (:P) and started running into the building. Oh gosh. We are never going to get out of here alive if people act like this.


 Ari (the other guy) and Alek were giving out orders, claiming that they knew how to defuse bombs (her reaction: *insert oh really look here*)


 No time for that now. She was a solitary worker, according to a personality test she took. She first walked towards the direction of the running off-her-rocker girl, increasing her pace every second.


*chases after neechan* 

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"Five more bombs?" Aster muttered. Besides him Amber had already lost a few screws with her cursing. Cursing while not fangirling. That meant things were serious. 'Seriously, the burning building and screaming humans are not enough?' He scolded himself. Ten minutes. 


Aster began to stretch his legs and jumped once or twice. When Amber was done banging her head on the wall, he ran up to it and flipped off it. "All set. Ari, you say you can defuse the bombs?" The boy began to time his watch. Sure, he knew a thing or two about defusing bombs himself but most of the time he was just the disposable who had to find them so the real people could get down to it and defuse. 


Amber had already run inside without any aim and Aster frowned. Something weighed on his heart but the rationality won out; bombs first, her second. Defuse the bombs quick enough and their safe for the time being. Aleksander had told them to search the first two floors. He'd go on the second one. He couldn't be wasting time. Quickly he walked to 'Ren-kun'. 


"Niichan." He said solemnly, despite the cutesy word. "We'll go to the second floor. I suppose you're one person to be able to follow me, arrogant as it sounds?" Time to see if all that running in soccer/football paid off. Aster ran quickly, first few steps on the stairs and then began swinging himself over the railings. In no time he had gotten to the second floor. He stood still to catch his breath as Ren caught up.


Security guards were evacuating the people but knowing adults they'd get evacuated instead of being listened to instead. This was Japan, so trash would be organized enough. And inconspicuous if someone tossed a bomb in there. Aster spoke his idea to Ren and warned him of the security (Niichan was the type to rush to authority for aid) and they began the hunt for bombs. Maybe the the pillars that ran from the bottom to the top of the building would give him a clue.    


"!" There it was, among the plastic bags in a waste bin was a small rectangular object. Something was off. It was a very simple bomb but heavy.Simple enough that a bunch of teenagers that would watch a mystery show would be able to defuse it. Well, he couldn't just carry it now. That would be downright suspicious on CCTV. 


It was twice the size of a brick with a timer on it and two wires connected to the timer. Okay, so they looked similar to the ones in movie 14; the lost ship in the sky. So perhaps the simplistic way Conan defused them by pulling the wires together would work? Aster contemplated the possibility. He was more into running away from explosions then disarming them. He was about to pull the wires when- 


"What the hell are ya doin player?!" Ari cried. "Give that to me fool!" Well, Aster would let Ari take care of it. He looked at the other guy questioningly. "Them two girls and that blond guy are on the first floor searching, so I came to the second one."


"Sure eh, thanks homie." Aster spoke awkwardly. On the next target.




Haha So I dragged you Ari XD 

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