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Fan-made DC Story Arcs

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so this is a thread where people can unleash their creativity and share what you guys think would be a good story arc for the manga (character backgrounds/development, plot points, etc)


basically come up with your own episode ^-^



here's mine:


i am huge on the romance (ShinXRan all the way XD) so i would love to see another flash back to when Shinichi was still Shinichi. this time it would be about Shinichi and Ran's first kiss (but of course it would only be one sided ^-^)


it would start out with Sonoko and Ran talking about boys and ultimately leading to Sonoko asking Ran about when her and Shinichi will finally kiss .... Conan will be with them of course and be thinking (while blushing) "we did kiss, but you (Ran) weren't conscious at the time"


and then goes into a flash back about how the criminal almost drowns Ran and Shinichi has to do CPR on her ^-^ i think that would be soo cute <3333



can't wait to hear what other people come up with

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Hmm, we can have FBI involved, it's not BO, they had other things in mind. Two episode arc, Bourbon is invited by Sonoko, saw Shinichi-like but figured out it's different person. A murder happened, one of other high school teacher died.

Sera showed up, did not being recognized as she often passed by, hover protectively around Conan, and Sera take credit but actually Conan already solved on his own.

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