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\o/ Third Annual DCW Secret Santa Event \o/


Ah, you may remember DCW doing something like this for two years now.


Well, it's back!


First of all, here are links to the previous two years we've done this: 2012 and 2011, and both of them went very, very well. There's also some cool information (and a little off-topic banter as well) in both these topics, so take a look if you need it!


Here's the most ideal timeline for this event this year (it's a bit rushed, and I'm sorry):

December 13-14, 2013: All signups close. I will send out PMs to remind everyone who signed up to get going, as well as the name of their special someone and their wishlist.


REMEMBER REMEMBER REMEMBER that once you sign up, gift-giving is completely required! Make sure you can actually do this before signing up!


December 22-25, 2013: Get your gifts in by this date. It's really important you get them in by this block of time. Hey, I'll take them earlier, but take what little time (:V) you have to make the best gift!

December 25?, 2013 (ideally, but somewhere around there is possible): And the reveal! It's likely I'll probably be spreading out the reveal days, but who really knows.


And now with that out of the way, I'll give out some information about this event that may come in handy:


How to Signup

Post in this topic or through PM or comment. Preferably I'd like you to post in this topic, but I'll accept PM and comments as well.


Come with a wishlist ready!


Check your calendar.


How to Make a Wishlist

This comes with your signup.


What this should be is a list of three characters (from any series, but preferably DC since this is DCW) or three series, or any combination of three characters and series. You can also list what kind of gift you want, but it's not required, and it also can kinda lessen the surprise. Your Secret Santa isn't obligated to fulfill the gift type, so just keep that in mind.


Please make sure with characters to denote where the character comes from, and especially if it's not a DC character! So:


Detective Conan

Ran Mouri

Misaki (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun)


This would work, though I did list DC and Ran on the same list, which is kinda redundant. Maybe? Oh, whatever.


How to Upload your Gift

This really kinda varies based on the type of gift you're turning in. So, I'll try to encompass as many as I can:


Fanfics/fanart: Either posted here or on another publicly accessible site.

AMVs: Youtube, preferably, I really can't hold a lot of movie files on my computer.

Songs: Upload it as an .mp3 file to some public file-hosting website (I'm fond of Mediafire). If you can password-lock it, please give it the password: secretsanta (all lower case, no caps). If it's a song on Youtube, just give me the link.

Anything else: Ask me. I'll try to find a way.


Always remember to give me the link through PM!


I'll always confirm once you send a gift through PM, so make sure you get that confirm PM. I'll also note if I found any problems that may not be very good, so keep a watch of your inboxes, people!


You can submit a gift more than once, but please try to turn it just once. I'll take the most recent turn-in, if you do, by the way.


How to Make Brownies





Current signups:


- Cold Gangsta

- blackhiden

- Nara-chan

- boringfreak

- Red Angel

- Phantomach the Reaper

- Ren-kun

- Aadikudo

- Astraculpa

- Rye

- Misaki-chan


<Oh, please tell me if I missed anything or should add something to this post or edit something. Also send delicious brownie recipes. No, I'm just kidding. Don't do the last one.>

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Kukukukuku....what would Secret Santa be without DCW's Wielder of Darkness and Light? I see this world a graveyard already, mere mortals, and I shall do you honor and join this event. Kukuku, I've even improved my literary skills this time. 


My Wishlist:

ShinichiXKazuha from DC. It has to show strong hints of romance, preferably a hug or a kiss.

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Count me in as well, time to make up for last year. Sorry again Phi, if you ever happen to check this thread. ^^' XD




- Tomoaki Araide

- Ishimaru Kiyotaka (Dangan Ronpa)

- Sasuke Tsubaki (Sket Dance)

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I wanna join too, please. :D



> Conan or Kuroba Kaito as a kid (not Kid)

> Mikasa Ackerman (Shingeki no Kyojin)

> Taichi or Arata (Chihayafuru)



Thanks! ^_^

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Sign me up!



Shinichi x Shiho (preferably a fic or a drawing, or an AMV)

Akai Shuichi or Okiya Subaru and Sera Masumi

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I'm going to get this thing going now, cause you guys need all the time you can get for this.


PMs will be coming out very very shortly.


Regretfully, I will not be participating in this event (as in gift-giving). My schedule is far too prohibitive for that. However, if you want to give me a gift, or anybody else a gift, feel free to PM me.


(I even had a wishlist prepared and everything...

- Inspector Nakamori and KID

- Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

- Chiyaki Nanami (Super Dangan Ronpa 2)


Sad Moho is sad. :( )

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Double post, but I thought you guys may want to know this.
Release of the gifts will be Christmas in Standard Mountain Time. This may mean I will release the gifts after Christmas in your area. Just a note, guys.
So, that would mean it would be the day after tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it, and I hope all of you are too!

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Well, guys, the time you've been waiting for is here! It's time for the gift-giving!


Before I begin, I'd like to say that I'm really impressed with the gifts and the effort all of you put into them. The quality of the gifts surprised me, given the limited time all you guys had. It made me very happy and all...so there.




So, curious on what you got? Here you go...oh, but wait a sec. I kinda secretly added two more gift-givers to the mix. Since they were late entries, I really couldn't give them a gift-giver of their own, but I did give them a person to give a gift too. Make sure to give them some thanks!


Now then, here's the gifts!


Cold Gangsta, sir, this one's for you!


This one was by Phantomach the Reaper!


blackhiden, heeeere you go!

HAVlVDE.jpgMake sure to thank Aadikudo for this!


Nara-chan, here's your gift!

Hehe, there's actually two, but they're by the same person!



Both of these were Cold Gangsta's! Make sure to thank him for his hard work!


boringfreak, this one belongs to you!


Red Angel made this double-time for you!


Red Angel, or whatever you go by these days, here's a surprise for you!


Misaki-chan made this wonderful gift on very short notice since the original gift-giver didn't make in time. Give her a hand!


Phantomach the Reaper, click the "show" button for your prize!


Rye made this for you!


Ren-kun, I love you for replying with that Usami sprite! Here's a special gift for you!


Misaki-chan is wonderful, isn't she?


Aadikudo, you deserve something wonderful this Christmas!


Give a hand for astraculpa!


Astraculpa, don't think I forgot about you just yet!

Humble Beginnings
(A poem about Shinichi and Kaito's childhood)

Every tree starts from a seed
Sovreignity starts with a wish to be freed
As are the humble beginnings
Of the meitantei who ctches men with sinnings

The first true child
From the author and the actress that's wild
Even as an infant
He can solve things even adults can't!

But let us go to the Phantom Theif
Holding on to jewels for a time that's brief
But the gentleman that makes ladies swoon,
Also started from the size of a cocoon!

From the thousand shadows and black feathered thief he hails
He grows up with magic that never fails
His father taught him, before he passed
The neutral Poker Face, to use whether it's good or bad

Rivals they became,
but they never strayed
From the skills and lessons,
acquired as children, now fundamentals.


This wonderful writing's by Nara-chan!


Wait, what's this?

Surprise! Wildheart888 made this special extra gift just for you!



Rye, thanks for playing! Sorry, but your gift-giver's running just a bit late, with some technical issues! Hang in there!


Misaki-chan, last but not least! Here's your gift!

zZ9PZo7.jpgComplements of boringfreak!


Congratulations, everyone. But there's still one more gift to be given out, so you can call this the epilogue, or post-story, or something? Anyways:


Late entry AiSuigetsu had the horrible luck of being assigned to me, and I'm so sorry that she had to make a gift for Mohorovicic, of all people. Here's what she made!

9OXMJ47.jpgThank you so much, AiSuigetsu, for this wonderful gift! I'll treasure it forever!


Thank you all for making this holiday season so jolly!

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Awww, look at all these wonderful gifts!! This has certainly made my Christmas complete...C': Thank you, Mohawk-kun, for hosting this year's Secret Santa!!


Merry Christmas to you all~!! <3

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