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Hi :3

I'm new to this forum and I started watching conan 9 years ago and stopped but watched still saw them here and there but over the past week I began falling in love with anime again, and then now I'm a huge Conai shipper <3 


My fav anime pairings:

1. Conan x Haibara-

just perfect, 'nuf said

2. Eremika- 

scarf- the cutest thing ever and reminded me of Conai

3. all the other animes I've ever seen for pairings <3


I love anime but on the Internet Takahashi Minami takes up my life x3 I love Minami, she's perfect in every way and I love every single pairing that I ship with her more than anything. Variety programs- I've seen 99% of the programs she's been on since being a fan.




If I could see her, I'm sure I would cry.

I'm a girl and I squeal over guys, Minami is my baby <3

I really hope that one day her dream of becoming a successful solo singer will come true. The day she passes a million sales in a month, I will quit the fandom, until then I promise to be a fan.


My tumblr blog- http://chibi-midgetlove.tumblr.com/



I love music, jap songs I will know more than english songs even though I live in a country that speaks english.


Fanfiction is my drug. And I LOVE FOOD

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Welcome fellow ConAi shipper! There's quite a bit of us here so you'll fit right in. ^^ 


And I love your loyalty to Takahashi Minami. It's adorable. ^_^  Anyway, hope you enjoy it here!

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Welcome to DCW!  I'm an AiCon shipper as well. And you support EreMika? :P But I see your point. Conan gave Ai glasses, Eren gave Mikasa a scarf. 


Fanfiction is your drug? we have fanfic writers over here as well. Nowadays most notable are Red Angel and Cold Gangsta. A bunch of cool DC fanfic writers are also here but I forgot xD Though I've never read any fics of the people I mentioned above :rolleyes: I think I used L's (Red Angel) thread somewhere to post a link for my Shingeki no Kyojin fanfic. (titled Hero, I'm afraid it's not another AU with any kind of japanese cliche to provide romance).


And as for our members, the guy above me is pretty awesome to talk to. Just be aware of his flattering tendencies :3 Oh I almost forgot to introduce myself, eh? well I was about to forget so it was probably not very important. :P 

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Welcome to the asylum named DCW!

Awwww, another ConAi shipper? *pouts*

I will convert you......

But don't get mistaken! I'm a total Haibara fan!

As for my name,it's Nara, but if that's my real name or not is for you to decide.

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Thank you so much for the welcomes everyone, this place is so kind <3

@Ren-kun Aww thanks <3 But Minami's more adorable :3

@Phantomach the reaper Oh thanks for all the information :D I'll be sure to check them out and yeah conAi= glasses + hats~

@boringfreak, ranandshinichiforever. Shinichi Kudo forever-  Yup! Thanks guys <3

@Nara-chan You can always try :D I'll call u Narachan then :)

@Erza Scarlet- Haha~ Erza from Fairy tail?? Cool~ :)

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