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Idea for Detective Conan Fanfic

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This is an idea I had for a Detective Conan Fan Fiction. It is basically a crossover between Detective Conan and the Fox show 24. 


Here is the premise, the show story would take place in the time between 24's third and fourth season. Ai has just created an antidote for the poison that shrunk her and Shinichi. They are now back to there original forms. And just in time for some rather alarming developments. Unsatisfied with the FBI's progress in the Black Organization investigation, President David Palmer orders the FBI team operating in Japan recalled, and sends a team from the Counter-Terrorism Unit (CTU). The team will consist of Jack Bauer, Chloe O'Brian, and other agents familiar to 24 fans, to hunt down the Black Organization. It turns out that the character Nina Myers, a CTU agent who was in fact a traitor, was working for the Black Organization. The show never deals with who Nina was working for so the Black Organization seemed like a logical choice for a story that crossover Detective Conan and 24. Nina was murdered Jack's wife Terri Bauer in 24 season 1, helped the Second Wave terrorist organization smuggle a nuclear weapon in Season 2, and tried to obtain a deadly biological weapon in Season 3. 


Shinichi would team up with Jack and CTU to help them hunt the Black Organization. Shinichi and Jack would serve as duel protagonists, in a story that has extremely high personal stakes for them. For Shinichi its getting back at the people who almost derailed his entire life. For Jack its about unraveling conspiracy that got his wife killed. This would end with Shinichi being forced to leave Japan and join CTU as a full fledged agent. Shinichi would discover his inner Jack Bauer, and learn the limits that a detective has fighting terrorism, and must become a CTU agent who is willing to do whatever it takes to stop the bad men from hurting innocent people. For those of you who are familiar with both shows, yes Shinich would kill people in combat, assist Jack in his interrogations. I realize that this would be out of character for him, so the best way to get him to do this is to kill someone close to him. 


Any thoughts? 

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Gangsta you don't any how ask any one for crossover. Just PM. I'm sure he/she don't mind reply.

Er, I don't know about this crossover... Jack can think he's a kid able to cry.

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I like the plot but I don't know much about 24 so could someone please tell me?

24 was a sow that aired from 2001-2010, it is coming back in May next year. It fallows Jack Bauer who is a agent for CTU or the Counter-Terrorism Unit. Each season of 24 episode season, is one 24 hour day. So one episode of an hour is an hour in that 24 day, the show is in real time. 

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