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Movie parodies

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Just to make people laugh:


There is a fan project made with the "Lord of the rings" movie trilogy in Russia. This fan nicknamed Goblin made a sort of one-voice dubbing (the sort used for TV news about other countries) and inserted absurd, hilarious quotes instead of everything the characters were normally saying. For example, Gimli started speaking with a Georgian accent, Legolas with an Estonian one, the dialogue between Gollum's 2 personalities was transformed into a discussion about football (one was talking with an Ukrainian accent, the other in normal Russian). When somebody shot with a bow, sounds of a gunshot was inserted. Elrond became Agent Smith from "Matrix" (since it's the same actor). 

Another quote: when in the 2 part Aragorn asks Legolas to look what's happening in the distance, there is a script saying "for your consideration" appearing at the bottom of the screen, and Legolas answers "there is a suspicious writing always popping up in the lower part of the screen. It isn't in Russian" :lol:


The same thing was done to "Star Wars: episode 1" where they didn't limit themselves to substitute what the characters are saying, but also modified some of the the images: for example, Darth Sidious has Bin Laden's face, the the Trade Federation Viceroy is paid with sweets like chocolate for his invasion at Naboo and the final fighting against Darth Maul is accompanied by Lezginka music.


The sad thing is that for the most part only Russians could understand why it's funny, because there were too many quotes from Russian or Soviet movies. Otherwise, I would have made English subtitles for it.


Elrond as Agent Smith:




Darth Sidious as Bin Laden:






Are there any such parodies in other countries? The closest thing to this I saw were some cartoons and movie segments dubbed with the Italian journalist Germano Mosconi's voice (he was once filmed when he was angry because he continuously had to stop and start his speeches all over again because there were problems with the cameras. That was, however, not so funny in my opinion, because he mostly said blasphemy.

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