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[SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 856-858 (Steamy Relations)

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THIS THREAD is used to discuss about SPOILERSIn other words, if you only read the English version and wish to wait for the official release instead of getting spoiled, this is NOT the right place for you!


1. Any kind of spoiler involving the case (pictures, texts, information, full scans...) of any language that is released before the actual English version must be posted HEREThe English translations of the spoilers must also be posted here. Please DO NOT share them at the thread made for English-files readers only, in ANY form (NOT even in spoiler boxes).

2. Any kind of discussion involving the spoilers must be posted HERE. Please DO NOT reveal, give hints or talk about any information or event (that has not yet happened in the English releases) at the thread made for English-files readers only, in ANY form (NOT even in spoiler boxes).

3. Despite being a Spoiler-only thread, EVERY spoiler and discussion involving events that has not yet happened in the English releases STILL has to be put inside Spoiler boxes. When the mentioned file is officially released in English, this is not necessary anymore.

4. NO DIRECT LINK to Original Japanese scans (RAWs) or to ANY English manga scan because we don't want to have any problem with lawyers. (Japanese spoiler pictures are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very very far away from a full scan, like the ones we usually have).


1. Why is this whole thing necessary?
A: Please click here.

2. Why do I still have to use Spoiler boxes here?
A: In case some member (who only follows the English files) get confused, misclick, or just simply get in the wrong thread... etc., this rule is made NOT to let spoilers get revealed to them. And since this is quite complicated, confusions are unavoidable, especially for new members.

3. How do I use Spoiler boxes anyway?
A: Just simply type the following:

[spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler]

Or more manually:
Step 1: Click the "Special BBCode" icon at the upper-left side of the edit toolbar.
Step 2: In BBCode, select "Spoiler".
Step 3: Enter the text that you want to put inside Spoiler boxes, then click OK.

4. If the spoiler is not obvious enough to viewers (e.g. one must click a link in order to see it), do I have to use Spoiler boxes?
A: No, using link addresses is also a hiding method. Again the purpose of this is just to protect the spoilers and info. from being viewed by members who do not want to see them (but get in here by accident). However, you should STATE CLEARLY that it's a spoiler, just to make sure.

5. Can I join the discussion in the other thread as well?
A: Of course you can. HOWEVER, as mentioned in the rules above, you MUST NOT reveal, give hints or talk about ANYTHING that spoils.

6. Who are you anyway? Why do we have to follow YOUR rules?
A: Not mine. Chek suggested that it should be this way. Also, the person who create the threads must write the rules clearly on the very first post from now on, whether they want it or not; this applies to every member (not only me).

ANYWAY, everyone should read this whole post carefully before posting or viewing anything. If you are mistaken for not paying attention to it, the creator of the thread, the moderators and every other forum members will NOT take any responsibility.

File 856 Chinese: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2278984614
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Some brief translation by Fujiwara:

Okay, so Conan realises that if that couple was Bourbon & Vermouth they may have heard what Jodie said then and is in a hurry to speak to Haibara.
Conan thinks that Bourbon made a pretty big blunder and wonders whether he did that on purpose to gauge Conan's reaction.
On the phone, he asks her whether she hasn't felt anything on her BO radar recently, because that used to work well before.
She says she didn't, but she wasn't really paying attention, because Conan had assured her that they thought she was dead.
Haibara: "You don't think they've found out I'm still alive?!"
Conan: "Just making sure."
Conan feels like he's being watched.
He told Jodie that he suspects the couple to be BO.
But now he wonders whether they might have noticed *that*
So, Conan notices his picture being taken (shutter sound) and feels strongly that he is being watched.
And ... of course the picture was being taken by Sera - enter the case.
The client is the sister of someone in the same year as Sera & Ran at school (but a different class).

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The spoilers for chapter 857 are out! The last page shows Sera talking to someone on the phone asking if her deduction is right.... In 856, she clicks a picture of Conan. I think that she sent the picture to someone and asked that person to check if her deduction that "conan is shinichi" is right or wrong. I think she called to see what that person thinks of it. But I can't think of anyone who would help her in such a big way! It must be someone who knows Conan well. And I guess this is the same person who she contacted during the Detectives' Nocturne as well... 

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I think the person Sera is talking to is Eisuke Hondou. It's just my theory but I would not be too suprise if it's shown that Sera and Eisuke are working together.

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Thats exactly what i think about who Sera is talking too. Did he Eisuke say he was gonna join the FBI? And he is Kir's brother so we could have Kir's undercover work in the BO coming up soon. She' a good character. I also think their dad is linked the the boss. And Sera and Eisuke may know eachother, do Akir and Kir know eachother?

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I doubt it'll be Eisuke....... I think its someone else, someone who is closely linked to the FBI... (though Eisuke is linked to the CIA, I don't think it's him....) For some reason, I think its James Black! 

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Well Eri saw Sera back in the morning by chance when she was having a call with somebody. And she heard her calling the person "brother"...

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