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Favourite Detective Conan Song

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i love tsukiyo no itazura no mahou <3 , as the dew, , summer time gone, ai wa itsumo, hello mr. my yesterday, revive, your best friend, don't wanna lie, time after time, misty mistery and try again :D <3 i love the others as well but these are my favouites :)

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– Kimi to yakusoku shita yasashii ano basho made

– Glorious Mind

– Shoudou

– Don't wanna lie


– Kanashii hodo anata ga suki

– Summer Memories

– Hello mr. My Yesterday


– Everlasing

– One

– Uruginai mono hitotsu

– Time after time

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Favorite Openings : Mune ga Doki Doki (Opening 1)

                                Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense (Opening 8)

                                Ai wa Kurayami no Naka de (Opening 22)

                                Everlasting Love (Opening 26)


Favorite Endings : Thank you for everything (Ending 23)

                              Full Moon Crisis (Ending 37)

                              Overwrite (Ending 42)


Favorite Themes :

                              Kaito Kid's Theme

                              Conan's Theme


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I have a lot that of DC songs that I like, so the following list is only a few that I happen to enjoy (no particular order):


Haru Uta- Ending to the Eleventh Striker (movie 16)

Kimi Ga Ireba- I'm actually not sure where this came from...anyone here know where this specific version is played?

Boku Ga Iru- This one I'm fairly certain Conan is the one singing it, but I can't remember where...anyone know? haha..

Hello Mr. My Yesterday- ED 35

Don't Wanna Lie- OP 31

Winter Bells- OP 10


...and basically everything from Garnet Crow

especially this long forgotten piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgPhO48sCyU it's a shame it only had a short run.

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Gosh, considering I'm the type of person to go listening to every single opening without knowing which one they are, listing my favorites will be a huge pain. I'll just do the ones I remember...

Butterfly Core -Valshe

Overdrive (Movie 14) - Garnet Crow

Kaitou Kid theme

Winter Bells - Mai Kuraki

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