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Worst Anime you ever watched

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*obligatory Pupa mention*

Now that that's out of the way, Meganebu and Senki Zesshou Symphogear are definitely pretty high up there on my list. 


Meganebu aired a couple weeks after SnK and Free were airing, and being that I'd just gotten back into anime after a year off or so, my expectations of everything were pretty high. Because of that, I watched a good amount of the things airing that fall. One or two series ended up being pleasant surprises, most were average, but then there was this thing. The animation was unappealing, the character designs bugged me, I didn't like the voice acting, nor the "plot". I dreaded watching a new episode every week, but I had a feeling if I dropped it, and later complained about, I'd likely get accused of only watching an ep or two, and then forming a negative opinion. So I stuck it out, and now I'm here :^) I don't even like thinking about this one because it makes me irritated when I'm reminded how disappointing it was


As for Symphogear... I feel bad about disliking this one as much as I do because it's one of my friends favorite series but I just.... n-no thanks. I guess I just don't find its concept appealing....

I feel weird criticizing this one too much because my friend likes it so much to be honest...

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