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Who is the best character in the series?


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  1. 1. In your opinion, who's the best character in the anime series?

    • Shinichi Kudo
    • Conan Edogawa
    • Kaito Kid
    • Haibara Ai/ Shino Miyano
    • Vermouth
    • Mouri Kogorou
    • Professor Agasa
    • Gin
    • Vodka
    • Mouri Ran
    • Hattori Heiji
    • Kazuha Toyama
    • Others that are not on the list (pls. specify)

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I have always viewed Shinichi and Conan as the same person so it was a hard time to choose which one to pick here (went for Shinichi) Other than that i like Kaito Kid, Ran and Akai, everyone else is great too.

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Haibara Ai, Sherry and Shiho Miyano ( oops they are same person at all XD)

I used to like Kaitou Kid as the only one my favorite male chara in DC but my love will be going to Shuichi Akai now.

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I can't vote. I can't choose between Vermouth, Ai, Shinichi, Kid, Heiji...


Vermouth is so bad-ass. The way she can tease Gin and not be reprimanded. The way she's Anokata's favorite, yet hides so much from him/her. The way she protects Ran and Conan, to the extent where she gives up her manhunt for Sherry. Call her the 'Rotten Apple' if you want, but I find her to be one of the most human BO members.


Ai is so mysterious and sad, yet intelligent. Always giving Conan reality checks when his hormones go awry. Hard to do when a dangerous organization is hunting you and the memories of your dead sister follow you everywhere. She reveals so little about the BO to Conan... I wonder why that is.


Shinichi is cocky, but I adore his intellect and his ability to make deductions off of minute proof. 


Kid is just great. So bad-ass, I can't even.


Heiji's accent gets me everytime. I also find him signficantly funnier than the other teen detectives.  :)

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1. Bourbon. Smooth, Tactical, Good looking, and deadly. He's amazing.

2. Shinichi Kudo- Great timing, good deductions, and the main hero! He always figures out a way to get the job done.

3. Kaito Kid- Thievery, costumes, mimicry, what can't he do?

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1. Kaito Kid- hilarious/Heiji Hattori- his behaviour and love his accent.

2. Hakuba- good looking and his mannerism

3. okiya/Toru Amuro (Bourbon)-appearances

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Come on DC fans, we all know it's Ran, right?  :ph34r: 


Mouri Kogoro 


Sometimes there are things that are too simple to read or see which most tend to overlook. Kogoro is nothing but a fraud going with the flow of whatever comes his way for as long as he benefits from it, after all his Detective Agency is on the verge of bankruptcy prior to the appearance of Conan. Not only that, he is addicted to gambling, horse racing to be specific, and does nothing but drink beer. He even let his wife live separately from them and not really thinking about whether his daughter would be more comfortable to be living with his wife than with him. 

But who cares about that? Really. This is not the real world.

Sometimes, things are more complex than what it seem and I want to believe that Kogoro is one of those. I don't want to be disappointed by the end but I still refuse to believe that he is exactly what he is on the surface without some form of action coming from his head.

He is too simple that it's almost suspicious.

Or maybe not. Maybe I'm just overestimating him.


So far, none of major characters has given me that kind of interest, not even Shinichi/Conan because we always see his perspective or Ran, unless she's the Boss which is very unlikely. 

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Ai Haibara/ Shiho Miyano/ Sherry- She's the creator of APTX4869, and its prototype antidote. The series wouldn't be here without her! 

I wish she'd hurry up with the antidote though... 

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