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Tantei Gakuen Q Live Action~!


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  1. 1. Who is your favorite character~?

    • Kyu~
    • Megu~
    • Kinta~
    • Kazuma~
    • Ryu~
    • Dan-sensei~
    • Nanami-sensei~
    • King Hades~
    • Cerberus~
    • The Lady in White (name unknown~)
    • One of the police-detectives~
    • One of the victims~
    • One of the culprits~
    • A side character~

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I recently became acquainted with (and subsequently obsessed with) the live adaptation/continuation of Detective Academy Q. This thread is to discuss favorite episodes, characters, cases, and whatever else you love about the show~

I suppose I'll allow Yamada Ryosuke fangirling, just this once. ;)

Just to start off, I love dark characters and people who must fight their past, so my favorite character is Ryu~ I feel sorry for the detective who Megu regularly uses to get information...

My favorite episodes were the final 3, where the whole group had to work together and trust one another, and pretty much any case involving Cerberus <3 or Pluto's involvement~

I love figuring out the cases, but there were a few times where the characters took so long to figure it out that I got a little bored. Parts of the storyline are sad or dark, but Kyu's determined speeches at the end of the case leave hope for the future.

I also like the bit where Ryu flips the officer, and when he looks at his DDS notebook and smiles for the first time.


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So did his family. xD ~i jest~

He's very feminine, which is one reason why he has so many fangirls.

lol. I only watched like part 1/3 of ep. 1. Nanami was so lame, ;A; Anime Nanami rocked.

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I see Yamada *.*


I really like this drama. It opened new doors for me that I believe didn't work similarly for others. Anyway, the think I like the most about the drama is how it was able to properly put some closure to the story unlike its anime counterpart.

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