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NEW PROJECT!!: 825 Analysis

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Hey guys,

Me and my friend are beginning a new project: to dissect new manga files.

Please can you guys click 825 Analysis to view our first manga analysis!!

and please can you also visit our new site as we will post further analysis on there :D

- baremasu

to keep you guys updated on our latest project, visit our twitter page!



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I refuse to click anything from adf.ly. Sorry, but I won't be able to critique it.

If you want my opinion, please feel free to post your direct DL link here, or preferably post the analysis here, like Chek, myself, or any other member does.

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So you tries to explain what happen in the manga, with words and words alone, not by pictures.

I thought by "analysis "you tries to find hidden pieces of information in the file, in order to understand more about the case, the plot, or the arc. For example, "Amuro has knowledge to unlock the door so he must be an agent, or worse, He's Kaitou Kid". This is what I expect when I see the word Analysis. But since I'm not native English user so I may interpret it in a wrong way, forgive me if that's the case.

Your question? Was this useful? I think it will be useful if you allow the some of the text to be here


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