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Hey, welcome to DCW~!! Please don't be lazy like me and post around! LOL DCW's an awesome place ^^ Give your opinion, find out extensive info on DC, make friends, and have fun~! Se ya round!

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Wassup, J-C-M??

And now, I give you the Yoyo & Cici Welcome!!




Hello, and welcome to DCW!!JFBQ00154070129B.gifyociexpress08.gifyociexp86.gif

I have a bit of advice: Don't be like me and disappear for months the day after you join... whoops...


I'm Sherlock Lupin. I'm THE Master Procrastinator and Trickster Extraordinaire, and I'm DCW's Yoyo & Cici Specialistyociexp88.gif. I have a lovely habit of calling IdentityUnknown Prye instead of Pyre. I suggest you don't do it because it aggravates dear Pyre. Some call me SL, some call me Sherlock, others call me Lupin. A select few call me Lissie. Come up with your own name if ya like.icon_e_biggrin.gif

We're not too crazy hereJFBQ00218070525A.gifJFBQ00173070312A.gifyociexp99.gif, and we love DCJFBQ00163070213B.gif.

I'm sure you'll enjoy being friends with usyociexpress01.gif, and if you don't...JFBQ00217070524A.gif

Just kidding~!JFBQ00241070914B.gif We're not trying to scare you away...is it working?yociexp108.gif


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Now, now, shall I welcome the one of the newest members here in DCW?

Welcome to DCW, J-M-C-san. Atashi no, Vermouth-chan desu! Call me V-chan, for short!

You know, J-M-C-san, I have a feeling that you are going to be a very active member here. VERY.


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Welcome to the World from which none return... sometimes....

I'm Natake, and I'm the sarcastic member who is usually busy making jokes and cases. I also make up nicknames for everyone. I'll call you Mitsutei-san.

Here's a welcome gift I hope you like pandaaaas~ 073.gif Now, here's a couple of members you may not have heard of, but you need to know about:

- Shira-san (IdentityUnknown): A friendly and kind member who you should become friends with.

~ Ahokata (Anokata-kun): Steer clear of him in the forums; He's murderous, but sometimes fun to talk to. Rarely on.

- Kurakuma (Black Demon): Well, you've most likely heard of this one... Kura's awesome, just sayin'

~ Detsu-chan (Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief): She's just completely awesome, and a great friend to have.

- Soju-san (Balthazar): Secretly a member of the Black Organization. Also awesome.

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