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Sorry for the harsh comments.

The voices are okay but there are a few flaws at AJ's voice. Especially 0:39~1:07. Work on your voice tone a little bit and it'll be perfect. But your other dubs are okay so I guess you've improved.

I have nothing to comment about Misaki-chan's voice but you don't have to say Conan-kun.

Conan is enough.

First video 0:47~0:54

Awesome rapper mode. . . ^^

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The honorfics stuff is down to how they do it. You may think it's not that good, others may think otherwise. I mean, personally I prefer them because they help show the relationships between the characters a lot better and on the (admittedly rare) occasions where Ran is in enough danger, Conan referring to her as just "Ran" instead of "Ran-neechan" really stands out. But in the end, what they choose to do about the honorfics, leaving them in or taking them out I wouldn't say is exactly affecting the quality of it. It's just more their personal preference imo...

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i still want to do fandubs so I can get into voice acting, just have to find compatible equipment.

Gonna do Tantei Gakuen Q since it has no dubs, and probably some DC as well...

And Kogoro's english voice is fun to imitate~xD

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