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Magic Kaito: Who is Spider?

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So we have this Magic Kaito 5th Special reveal another member of the organization (Black Organization?): an illusionist known as Spider. Well, I have this idea that Spider is actually Toichi who infiltrated the organization after his "death". Would Toichi die easily on such an "accidental" explosion when he have escaped more dubious ones? I mean duh! He's Kaitou Kid: the first one and possibly even more superior to his son (of course!). He can escape the clutches of dubious policemen and he can't escape or see through the obvious ruse? I don't think so. And besides, illusionists are also magicians so the supposition that Toichi is Spider is certainly plausible. he might be on some clever disguise. I don't know whether they have found his body after the explosion or if they did, had confirmed his identity. I don't think it's completely impossible that Chikage Kuroba might know that her husband is still alive and is on the chase of the formidable organization behind it, even if it means conspiracy on his death.

So what do you think?

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Quite an interesting theory.

While it's certianly possible Toichi could be alive (more so since we don't know the details of his death), I really just can't see it happening.

Besides, I'm not sure what disguising as an organization member for 8 years will really accomplish in the long run. Unless he were to make an epic appearence when the current Kaito confronts the organization :P

I also think it would be awesome if the Magic Kaito antagonists were linked with the DC BO. Though it's pretty impossible to determine as of now, and then there's also the fact Shinichi and Kaito are originally from two different universes.

And to answer your post on who I think Spider is: I don't have a freggin' clue! :lol:

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