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Poem title: Interference

Author: Artistic poet/tzswei (tzswei is my fanfiction username)
Fandom: Detective Conan
Characters: Ran, Conan, Heiji
Summary: Heiji never fail come in into Conan's life.

Word association: broke
Genre: blank verse
Disclaimer: I don't own Detective Conan - all the characters belong to Gosho Aoyama.


So sweet, she never forgets,

to others she look naive, heart just broke.

She never waver, so strong she figure me out,

she just look at me when I stand stout.

"Ran-chan!" Heiji yell out of lungs.

Now feel like shoot Heiji into oblivion with stun gun for just a brat.


A/N: Forgot the tense, now back to present tense. *edit it and done*

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Poem title: Kogoro's bad encounter


Author: artisticpoet/tzswei

Fandom: Detective Conan

Characters: Kogoro

Summary: Kogoro dislike his life

Word association: Strot

Genre: irregular ballad

Disclaimer: I don't own detective conan characters


A/N: Hi, I haven't go online coming here, urgh, I have no excuses but in your mercy- Kogoro did not fare well.


Strot Kogoro lazily into store

with goofy smile may led you think

he's up to no good. He paused,

looked below at button on desk


looked left and right for no reason,

out of curiosity before pressing

the button, with glee, finger on button-

whacked, goes the board on chin


For not discovering it's facade!!



A/N: The store manager did say sorry afterwards because his assistant is actually murderer intending to unhinge him with hopeful thought he can make Kogoro dazed a moment.

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Hi~ welcome to DCW. :) Haven't active nowadays but writing, and working.... it take me long. My apology. Hectic life. Have to find time coming here more as possible.

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Poem title: Gin's rock


Author: artisticpoet

Fandom: Detective Conan

Character: Gin

Summary: Gin prove his point he's a rock, but only rock vs him, he win.

Word association: mob

Genre: traditional poetry

Disclaimer: I don't own characters.


A/N: This website slipped out of my mind and shockingly depressed me realizing I have poems here. Anyone wanted to throw tv on me? I guess some does. This website allow old user return, and I had not read latest but figure DC had reach climax. Already? Sooner? Anyway, you're in Christmas treat, as I'm away so long. Bad me... I go for drink.



I'm gonna take oldest word I hadn't cover, yuppers Russia Mafia- different alternate universe but same characters from DC


Oh heck feck, just being annoyin'

what you slacking, or Gin being rock

Don't think Gin made of Russia as he- being

Russian just want to mouth off-

doing a favor, bite a bullet, spitting it


What a life he had as Russian Gin,

he breakneck, down to stupid pun

of R.Roulette for any poker, just to win

Am a mean badcore, ask anyone suck in

up, born in America then ship to Japan


Heritage go far to Russian Mob,

Boss ask for Japanese style, annoy

him up sky-high, Gin for badcore

anyone ask for hitman he take the deal on

but sulk wiv humiliation hit the floor fall-


over rock.

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