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As ep 652 airs next week can we assume that the new april spring season is upon us so a new opening will come with the new episode

does anyone have any news on this would like to know

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First off, though it seems openings usually do coincide with the changing of the seasons, it's all still very random. Some openings last for an extended period of time, skipping over a season while other openings last for barely ten or so episodes, starting in the later half of one season and ending in the early half of the next. Though it's true OP-33, which has been airing since early January should be nearing the end of its course, you have to realize less than ten new episodes have aired since then (the approaching episode 652 will be the one to mark the 10th episode, in fact). Also, no word of a new opening has been announced at all, and when openings are announced it's usually a month before the new opening actually airs. So, theoretically, if a new opening was announced today, we would still have to wait until about mid-May for the opening itself, which is late spring and nearly one month away from summer. My guess is, OP-33 will run right through this spring season (just to cover a few more episodes before it ends) and OP-34 will start airing sometime in June. Going with what I've said earlier, this means the new opening will most likely be announced next month in May.

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