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give Baby names

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... should i post this here at general??? :huh:

since i'm not good at imagining, think of good names if DC characters are going to have babies

- you choose your own couple

you can make it funny or cool, Japanese or English, can be combinations.

just want to see good ideas. hehe

ex: rachel/jimmy

Jamey Chel Kudo

wahaha, i can't think of a japanese name

.. im realy not good at imagining

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If Shinichi hooks up with Ran (which I assume would be at the end of the series), I can seriously see their kid being called Conan Kudo.

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I suppose if Ai/Shiho and Akai would end up together(LOL), their child's name would be Akemi. :)

If Ran and Shihichi? I suppose it'd be Conan, if it was a boy. If it was a girl, it would be Shiran. :lol:

Or, considering Shinichi, he would be something with regards to Sherlock Holmes.

When it comes to Mitsuhiko and Ayumi, I think it'd be Miyumi or Mitsumi. :)

Kazuha and Heiji? Kaji? Heiha LOL. I can't think of something good. But considering Kazuha, I think it'd be a flower or tree or a virtue or something.

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I'm writing a fanfic that features their kids and it goes like this:

Shinichi and Ran- Conan, Shiho, and Kagome Kudou

Heiji and Kazuha- Mamiko and Ryo Hattori

Kaito and Aoko- Toichi II Kuroba

Ai and Mitsuhiko (I do consider this canon. Though I'm liking Rye's Ai/Shiho/Akai thing)- Akemi and Hiroshi Tsuburaya

Conan, Toichi, and Akemi were kind of a given, but I thought all the other names were pretty original.

What do you guys think? :grin:

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