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What's your BO codename?

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If you were to be enlisted in the Black Organization, what personalized codename would they assign you?

(Note: It has to be an alcoholic beverage that has never been used)

If enough people come up with their own codenames, I will make a list below of members and their respective codename just for fun. :)

My codename would be Daquiri (my mom's favorite) :P


Alsace - holmesfreak1412

Amontillado - Shinichi Natake

Applejack - Sherlock Lupin

Beer - detectiveRJB

Champagne - Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief

Daquiri - dcfan4869

Gammel Dansk - Kid the Phantom Thief

Horilka - RoMa

Jack Daniel's - xXEdogawa-KunXx

Martini - Anti-APTX4869

Red (red what?) - Artistic Poet

Secco - Tsukiko

Zinfandel - MadelineLime

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hmmm. idk about alcohols much...I've only learned that they had different names other than beer,wine,soju,sake,etc When I joind DCW...

anyways....I think Martini? I'm not sure. I think they had rules about "alcohol names" in DCW Wiki...

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Secco for sure. It's a very dry type of vermouth. And if I will be in BO I'd probably have pretty 'dry' attitude against other members.

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Ooooh~~!! We went to a restaurant one day and people were drinking Mimosas. Looked delish~ :D Unfortunately, I can't consume alcohol xP Mimosa?

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