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Miss Smiles

Kogoro's story

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It is amusing, as this is between Kogoro and Shinichi. I do a bit of research, and mostly Kogoro does not hit Conan for no apparent reason, but recent case is about deduction battle and authority. Somehow it did do Kogoro good, their deduction show subtlely right in front of him or around when they are on each case. What I'm surprised most is when Kogoro openly work with Conan together on the case investigating the death of woman, live with clocks in her home. It seems Kogoro catching on and been making effort.

I'll jog down the list:

Kogoro making comment about Conan's voice 'Alele'.

On Takagi's fake wedding day he hit Conan for beating to him getting answers.

Kogoro isn't amused to hear Conan refused to disclose more of his deduction when solving case of red wall...

Kogoro was annoyed to see Conan beat to him, swore to hear his voice was used to deduce and likely is afraid if he open his eyes to see Conan denying/look innocent by acting as kid afterwards.

Shinichi was at London confessing to Ran, and Kogoro knows after hear from Ran as he did wonder about Conan and Agasa being together.

Kogoro was invited to the party and openly working together with Conan.

But, Kogoro can trust himself to work with Conan as Heiji show up many times and somehow Kogoro notice Conan's intelligence is unnatural as seven years old. Kogoro may not be clever, but I think now he is incline to hear more Conan and really started to get his eyes peel open, like Heiji hang around Conan second time.

He may not know the reason, but already suspecting when he allow to lead Conan to work on his own after hearing from police they can rely on Shinichi. Lastly, Amuro show up to be Kogoro's apprentice and Kogoro already notice he's not simple student who immediately understand the case well.

Afterwards we had not see more from Amuro then on, Kogoro already figure Amuro is hiding something as he was on his own minding affair and his own business. Earlier Kogoro and Ran look strange, it could be reason of foreboding feeling something happen and pointed towards the kidnapping.

Lastly, if Kogoro saw Heiji and Conan openly, he will figure out the way to understand Conan by acting a bit like Heiji, leading him to deduce openly but it fail, until he decide to work together with him and slowly figure out why Conan act so natural around Heiji. And, Kogoro find strange why Conan don't want to sit with them since they are his guardian as he spend a lot of time with them.

From my other post:

Conan reveal himself too much with Heiji around. Kogoro stop hitting him after Shinichi show up at London. Kogoro's good at assuming if Conan hang around with Agasa, because Agasa trust them to take care Shinichi and Shinichi likes to hang around with Ran, Kogoro can pick up easily at this sudden change when Ran mention Shinichi. 'Why so sneaky? Why don't tell Ran Shinichi's on the plane and is it necessary to take another plane?'

Kogoro will find everything is fishy and learn apparently Shinichi did show up in London, already suspect every happening around Shinichi are fishy and odd. This could be distracting and running Kogoro's mind, he will think way to find answer. He already saw Heiji and Conan work together, if leading Conan deduce himself, he won't get any answer unless he started openly working with Conan to find answer.

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He wasn't. Conan did all the job to get his attention, and somehow it turn into story. It's amusing deduction story when Kogoro have tried to understand him until Conan say 'Alele'. XD

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Yes, it is amusing! Haha ali_100.gif

So you're saying whenever Kogoro's suspicion arises, Conan shoots it down with his 'act' of 'innocent child that just wants to know everything' yociexp45.gif?

P.S. I want to give you a rep point but I've reached my limit for today yociexp109.gif.

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Yes, it always annoyed Kogoro, and somehow only way Kogoro can suspect Conan for not being truthful. Or Conan want to by getting him to be serious and know of situation he's in, I think he's already out of lies and decided to do something getting things into motion.

It's okay. Don't worry about it. :)

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I think Kogoro just gets annoyed of Conan because Conan thinks more "HI-TECH" (is that the word?) than him...

Also, Conan just want to give Kogoro a hint how to solve the case... but even though he hits Conan he then realized the answer to the case not realizing Conan gave a hint to him... :?:

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