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MadelineLime DC/MK Art Thread

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I drew this and I have to share. It's making me laugh too much not to. XD


I'll admit I should add some frames to make the movement of his arms a but smoother, but I don't usually do animated gifs from scratch, so it's a bit daunting!

(it's on DA, too, if you're like me and fav everything, everywhere.)

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I don't know where my SAX hat pictures went, but here's the in progress if you haven't seen it!

Original in progress workings of the embroidery:


and here's me wearing the final at Katsu:


Oh, and while I'm here, here's a Katiou Kid shotglass I made for myself:


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OMG those are like the coolest things ever!!!!!!!

The embroidery looks absolutely amazing<3 hng I can't sow. Love how the whole hat looks^^

KiD shot glass, that...that is genius. Looks brilliant!

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Thanks, kirite!

As for what I've been doing lately, I've been busy busy busy selling and making things. Lately I've done:

more and more and more Soul Gems from Puella Magi Madoka Magica!


Soul Gems for My Little Pony!


(I'll post some of the real photos on here later, I can't get good shots at night and I didn't get good photos of some of the Rarity ones before I sold them :( :( :( )

Elements of Harmony!


Fun fact: Kyuu was sitting right next to me when I took that photo.

Fun fact 2: That is my phone, which

the Russian Lackey in The Avengers has/gives to Black Widow when she is being interrogated.

Rupee Pillows!



I'm currently doing a giveaway for one of the rupee pillows, that ends at 12:01 AM EST, July 17th.

Avengers Fanart:


And my entry (originally a poster!) for the WeLoveFine.com's Marvel Villains t-shirt contest (please vote when it's open! They pushed it back a few times because of the sheer volume of entries! D: )


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