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New Live-Action Special Featuring Heiji and Kazuha Has Been Announced

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excited. since the last series was so awsome,even here, i'm looking forward to it. the cases really got me hooked

in which episode was this pic aired

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Just thought I'd say that the second part of this special (the non-manga based part) is actually a good mystery. Won't spoil anything if you haven't seen it. I won't put up a download link b/c the mods will just take it down.

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Finally found the time to watch it. Really nice stuff this time around, as expected. Mouri Kogoro is back to his good old antics again, Heiji and Kazuha got a respectably sized portion of this special, and there were nice Shinichi and Ran scenes that didn't feel too forced at all. The adaptation of the plane case doesn't take up too much time and is well paced, so it didn't get in the way of the enjoyment at all. The new mystery was pretty good. Not the most shocking case like the last special was and, in my opinion, not as emotionally moving either, but it was realistic. Every actor and actress held their own and the scene directing is as familiar as it's always been with live-actions. Music is phenomenal, as always. A heard a few familiar compositions that were in the last special and in the thirteen short episodes that aired last year as well as a few remixes and (I think) a few new scores to add to the atmosphere. They decided to change the ending theme song again, and it's really good. Still not too pleased the theme song from last year was never released as a full version, so I doubt this new theme will either. They're both such nice songs, too. Anyway, I give this live-action special a 9/10, because it's exactly what I expected and hoped for. Hope they decide to make a fifth one soon!


Oh, and for those wondering, the theme song is sung by yu-yu (thought her voice sounded familiar) and is titled "桜唄" (Sakura Uta) which quite simply translates to "Sakura Song". If you watch the live-action special, you'll see the significance immediately. After a quick search online, this is the only version of the song available:

Let's hope for a full version!

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For those who want to watch the Live Action Special 4:


Detective Conan Special 4 - Kudo Shin'ichi's Kyoto Shinsengumi Murder Case SD


Kudo Shin'ichi returns once more to solve a couple of new cases in this Special drama! Both cases are still from before he became Edogawa Conan, but Shin'ichi is just as crafty as ever in tracking down the clues that will crack the case. In the second part, Shin'ichi and Ran are joined by the Osaka High School Student and detective Hattori Heiji and Kazuha.

We at Heiwa Fansubs are happy to be able to continue following Shin'ichi's exploits in this Spring 2012 special!

In addition to these hardsubs, we are also providing a softsub version as well. Please look for those in the Subtitles section.

Please enjoy these English language harsubs for this latest Detective Conan Special 4 in SD and HD!

Heiwa Fansubs

SD Torrent:

- zoink.it/torrent/8A9FFEB4622FA97C1683260AF45B7C3B4C5E4A49.torrent

- torcache.com/torrent/8A9FFEB4622FA97C1683260AF45B7C3B4C5E4A49.torrent

- torrage.com/torrent/8A9FFEB4622FA97C1683260AF45B7C3B4C5E4A49.torrent

HD Torrent:

- zoink.it/torrent/795510F059FC4429F6A00EAEDBF3D767D2F8A7A1.torrent

- torcache.com/torrent/795510F059FC4429F6A00EAEDBF3D767D2F8A7A1.torrent

- torrage.com/torrent/795510F059FC4429F6A00EAEDBF3D767D2F8A7A1.torrent

To the mods,

If there is something wrong with this, feel free to edit this. :)

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Everybody who wants to watch it, here's the link! :grin:


You're all welcome! ;)

[edited by Southpaw to remove live link]

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Anyone knows when it will reach Singapore or anywhere I can watch it online??

dramacrazy.net is also carrying it, if their videos would work for you (I don't know a whole heck of a lot about region settings for video streaming)

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Just seen it ! Incredible, finally a good Detective Conan's live adaptation both faithful to the manga and with a good story !

Junpei Mizobta is perfect as Shinichi as always. He doesn't try to imitate Kappei Yamaguchi's Shinichi or to mimick what Shun Oguri had done before him. He does his own thing.

Shun Oguri played Shinichi as an arrogant high-school detective. Junpei Mizobata plays Shinichi very differently, as someone who is extremely comfortable on crime scenes by nature and who is extremely clumsy in his social life, not because he's arrogant but because he's definitely a mystery freak and he can't live otherwise, reminding me a little of Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock (though he doesn't play Shinichi as an exhuberant detective).

His acting and his charism as Shinichi do the rest. I like how he portrays the character.

Hope there will be another special next year, this format (90 minutes long and with a decent budget) works better than the 30 minutes series with a low budget per episode.

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