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Redangelran's first ever drawing posted here.

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Well, since I am about to reach the 1000th post here, I decided to post a drawing here on the forum.

It's a drawing of Shinichi Kudo, and it is based from a manga file (I can't remember what file is that, but I think it was about valentines, or something in Volume 24).

BTW, I actually made it for Shinichi, as a gift for his last birthday. Sound's ridiculous isn't it? Anyways its fun. (I forgot to complete something in the drawing when I took a pic of it, but it's finished now. Wonder if someone notices it XD)

Feel free to post your comments and/or suggestions. I'm open to criticisms.

And oh, I'm not a pro, just doodling around~



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Hmm... You didn't complete the left (his right) eyebrow? óÒ But anyway, I agree with MKK!!! It's great! +1 :P

correct! hahaha~ I drew it with pencil, but when I inked it, i forgot the eyebrow part. XD

thank you guys~ :D

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Well, it's done!! Its not that good though, the one who'll receive it may PM me to get the "uncolored" copy for him/her to color himself/herself(lol i'm being careful XD). It's a bit better than this one. And, the one who'll receive this is good at coloring!! so I hope YOU can improve it..*smiles


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