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Favorite pairings?

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2.Aico Haigawa



Hey I'm not a fan of the pairing at all. I just would support it over ShinRan. XD

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On 8/5/2010 at 11:11 AM, detectiveshinichi said:

I love:

Heiji and Kazuha

Chiba and Miike

Takagi and Sato

Shinichi and Ran (I like Shinichi and Ai, but it won't happen more than likely in the end)

Ayumi and either Genta or Mitsuhiko

Aoko and Kaito

Shiratori and Kobayashi sensei

all the married couples (Megure and Midori, Yukiko and Yusaku, etc.)

Hakuba and Akako

Akai and Jodie (it would be Akai and Akemi, but because Akemi is dead, I believe Akai should go back to his old girlfriend, who clearly still loves him)

Kogoro and Eri (they need to get back together soon)

Sonoko and Makoto

Kansuke and Yui

I came up with a couple... Officer Yumi and Dr. Araide! I thought it was funny at first, but now that I think about it, they seem like they are close in age and maybe...I mean, Yumi's looking for love, but it seems none of the cops are over Sato yet (either that or they really don't like Yumi, which I doubt)

single people in DC so far:



Dr. Araide
Inspektor Komei

Jodie FBI
Rena CIA


Let's pair them up! HAHAHHA

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