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Whats Your Favourite Asian Cuisine? ^.^

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It's a more oily kind of chicken marinated in teriyaki sauce. It's sweet and juicy. :P you'll have to try it to know how it tastes like.

Teriyaki chicken is awesome. I love Japanese yakitori too! And all the meat on sticks. And I've tried the Malay versions too! It's called satay. And they have their own curry sauce for it. Oh and another kind of spicy food called otakotak or otaotah... It's spicy minced fish meat in pandan leaf.

so...do you live in Malaysia? :rolleyes:

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Salmon Nigiri (sushi with no nori)

Indian Yellow Curry

Pork Dumplings

Pad Thai


Tempura Udon/ Regular Udon

Lo Mein

(basically any non-spicy noodle dish)

Green Tea Ice Cream

Any Cake or Cream Bun

.... I like a LOT of Asian food....

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