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I hate it when I get a lower grade than a person who didn't know what they were doing and made up stuff -__-

Holy shillelaghs, that's the worst!


I hate splinters.  Why does mine still hurt?  Dammit, and I also hate how pinkies seem to get injured more than any other finger.

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I hate it when the person who creates a story makes the main protagonist end up with someone totally different than who everyone thought they would end up with at the beginning of the story.

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Finally someone who agrees with me T-T

I am definitely not welcomed when I refuse to eat the salad served for me!

Why can't people just understand that I HATE salads??

Thanks for being like me... XD

Only way I can tolerate it is if it comes as a side with a meal. I could never eat it by itself. No problem!

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