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I figured... >.< I would fix them, but I already got rid of the file.... DX But thanks! ^^ And how does it remind you of OHSHC? :mellow:

EDIT: Never mind, I remember now...

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It's a KID puppet, based off the one that Conan has had for the last two episodes! XDXDXD What do you guys think?


INSTRUCTIONS!!!! (For those who wish to make one)

Materials you need (to make it like mines. :P You can change a few if you don't got them or if you'd prefer to use something else): Plastic cup, computer paper, construction paper (blue, red and black/brown), white yarn, white cloth, an old sock, something to stuff the sock with, markers (skin tone, grey, black), pencil, scissors, duct tape/hot glue gun (I suggest the latter, though the former works too), scotch tape, some flexible cardboard (preferably white, but anything else works too) and white paint and paintbrush (if your cardboard isn't white. If it is, then ignore this).

PLEASE NOTE: When I say "tape", I'm talking about the duct tape. "Glue" refers to hot glue. Also, in the materials list, you can just use old stuff lying around that you don't care cutting up like me. You don't need to go and buy everything.

1) Stuff the old sock with whatever you're using to stuff it with before using something like a rubber band to keep all the stuffing in place.

2) Put the stuffed sock aside and pick up the plastic cup. Stab a slit into the bottom of the cup with something pointy, like a knife or the scissors. Be careful so you don't stab yourself though! Afterwards, wrap in computer paper and cut off the paper that goes beyond the lip of the cup. Tape/hot glue paper into place.

3) Take some of your white cloth, cut it into a rectangle and place one side of it where the neck would normally go. Play around with it (it'll probable end up being a bit scrunched up) until it looks the way you want it. Glue/Tape it in place.

4)Next step, the shoulder thingy. First, cut a small circle out of the cardboard. (If it isn't white, I suggest you either paint it white or glue some white paper on it). Cut out a bigger circle out of the white cloth. Tape/Glue the cardboard circle onto the cloth one. Repeat so you have one for each shoulder.

5) Once you got that done, you should make the arms. Take the white yarn and cut it so that it ends about 3/4 down the cup. For hands, use the white cloth and cut out ovals for hands. Attach hand and arm together with scotch tape. Be sure to make two, don't want KID missing an arm! :P

6) Attach the completed arm to the shoulder thingys with scotch tape. Once you do that, glue/tape a small part of the cloth part of the shoulder thingys onto the cup.

7) Remember that sock we stuffed? Yeah, well now take the end of the sock and get it through the slit that you made. The slit will most likely expand, but it should be fine. Keep pulling until the head part is on top of the cup. As for what you do with the rest of the sock, I suggest you keep that part as something to hold onto. But cut off what you don't need. If you feel the need to, you can tape the inside where the slit is to reinforce it in case your slit was really big and you're afraid the sock may fall out or whatnot.

8) Time to make the hat! 8D Cut a circle, maybe about the size of a CD, out of the cardboard. To make the rim of the hat, cut a long thin strip of the cardboard and tape it so that it's attached to the circle. As for the hat part, make a cylinder out of the cardboard. Tape/Glue that so it stays in that shape. Be sure it looks about the size of the head. Next, tape the cylinder part to the rim of the hat. Be sure it's secure. Afterwards, end it off by cutting a blue strip of paper and wrapping it around the base of the hat.

9) For the monocle, look up a picture of what KID's monocle would look like and sketch it out on a piece of cardboard as best as you can. Afterwards, color what's supposed to be grey grey. To make the charm, make a triangle and sketch a clover on it with a pencil first before coloring everything on the charm but the clover black. To attach the charm to the monocle, use the white yarn as the string and attach with tape.

10) So now take the blue construction paper and cut an isosceles triangle. Glue/Tape onto the cup, centered underneath where you plan to put his smile. Take the red construction paper and cut out his tie. Be sure the points at the bottom line up so it looks like his tie is tucked into his jacket. Take the black/brown paper and cut two pieces out for the hair (see my picture for what it should look like).

11) Now, back to the head; take a black marker and draw on the smile (make sure it looks like the one from his signature drawing). Then color the rest of the sock with the skin tone colored marker.

12) Take the monocle and glue/tape it onto the face where you want it. Then, take the hair pieces and glue/tape where you want those. Afterwards, glue/tape the hat to the top of KID's head.

13) Last step! Take the white yarn and cut two pieces about five inches each. Cut out two ovals for the feet out of the cloth. Then attach the legs and feet together with scotch tape. Finally, tape the legs to the inside of the cup and you're done! Have fun with your newly made phantom thief puppet! ^^

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