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What was the recent Anime you watched?

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@Akazora and I are working our way through LOGH currently. We started it back in December back when we had covid :'^) and we're still not done lmao We're on episode 37 and it's been pretty ok so far? It's good and enjoyable but I don't yet understand why so many people say LOGH is the best anime of all time

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  1. Case Closed (obviously)
  2. Zero's Tea Time (Amuro's daily life)
  3. Spy x Family (action in life)
  4. 86 EIGHTY-SIX (lots of battling but the characters are amazing)
  5. Moriarty the Patriot (for Holmes otakus)
  6. Magic Kaito 1412 (for Kaito's sake)
  7. Chihayafuru (if you like games and drama...)
  8. School Babysitters (...daily life)
  9. Barakamon (Live to laugh)
  10. Bungo Stray Dogs (Ranpo Edogawa is there...)

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Bungou to Alchemist

Lately have also been watching the first season of Pokemon, both Finnish and English dub.

Bungou Stray Dogs I finished rewatching a few weeks ago.

I really should catch up with Detective Conan movies that I've missed and the WWPS episodes.

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