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Tutorials for new members... ?

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Where can i add "my media" files?


You must first upload a file to the site first. To do that, click "More reply options" when you're posting, scroll down and you can see an option to upload attachments. The first time you use an uploaded file, you only need to add it to the post directly. Next time if you want to link the file again, click "My Media", and choose the attachment that you need.


If you want to post images or videos, it's recommended that you upload them to external hosting sites and then link them back here. This is because there is a total size restriction for the files that you upload to DCW (click here to see how much you have left).


(I hope I didn't miss anything because I've never used that feature before.)

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I felt many don't understand will thought of first asking mods, I like your answer, as everyone like to have tutorial but thought it wasn't needed, suggesting ideas at suggestion thread. It already gone far that every new aware of what to ask for navigating, instead of writing guide and tutorial, Q&A is good idea of having common questions that bug staffers and get off their chest. Not saying asking question is bad thing but true nature of curiosity to get in right direction, do you feel you can navigate around with tips and answers? I also felt from start and never ask with benefit of doubt on first day I joined, can compile question and answers staffer given to member in the forum here? :)

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should we start a new topic or something to help the new members??? or just a Q and A???? Cause some people r confused on this, what do u guys think?? PM me if u can so we can start something.  :)

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yes please cz i am new and am really confused about

*How can i increse Members total reputation

*How can I follow some one

*How can I increse my rank

i would really appreciate it if u guys help me out

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