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What the Best way to Learn Japanese Online

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I'm interested in learning the language so I may be able to use it in the future, and now to understand anime with the need of sub. I'm not sure where I should begin I tried looking for sites that could provide some lessons but I couldn't find any. Does anyone know of a good sites?

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Subtitle Tutor (this is not my trick.. I DID NOT COME UP WITH THIS)

DISCLAIMER: the more Japanese you know, the better this trick works.


*Find anime episode w/ English subtitles

*Watch it.. all of it...

*right after the anime is finished... (it's important you do it RIGHT AFTER) you watch it again RAW..

How this works...

*Since you just saw it... you can pretty much guess what they are saying... Think of it as a way to help you train ears to listen to Japanese

*You know what is going on so even if there are no Subs you can still follow with the story..

*This is like the opposite of a speaking exercise.. instead of training your tongue you train your ears... listen..


Favorite Learn Japanese Sites... (these are FREE... I AM NOT SELLING ANYTHING)

http://www.japanesethroughanime.com/ (Watch his Videos)

http://www.tokyosurvival.com/ (Read and learn about Japan)

http://anime-manga.jp/ (play the games)

http://lang-8.com/ (make an journal entry and have real Japanese native speakers correct you) (Some people are even nice enough to help you through Skype)

http://www.genkijapan.net/ (listen to the songs)

http://www.tofugu.com/ (Read Japanese Articles)

Things to Download...




-This helps tells you what kanji means.. (translation, definition, Part of Speech.etc)

How to Download

-hit link

-click the link under "Download the Firefox/Thunderbird/Seamonkey add-on" it should say "Rikaichan" (this downloads the addon)

-then for Dictionary files get "Japanese-English" and "Japanese Names"

-Restart FireFox

-you should now see an orange happy face somewhere on the tool-bars or something... click it to activate Rikaichan

......message me if you want entertaining "Japanese Language Sensei" Youtubers....

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I know how to read hiragana characters and some kanjis and katakanas but I can't understand a sentence. I mean how is it formed and vocabulary. I sucked at it. I know some basics but I want to learn it formally. Is that site a good place to begin with?

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You got me interested. I have never heard of this school before. Thank you for sharing information. Do not underestimate the importance of education. Think about the fact that all leaders in prestigious companies have a diploma of education. This is a key requirement for a good job. You can buy a recommendation letter but you cannot buy the knowledge and professionalism that can only be obtained by studying at a university.

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