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Favorite OVA?

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Based on what I'm willing to watch over and over again my top picks would be:

  1. OVA 9 The Stranger from Ten Years Later - As Kyuu put it, it was a beautifully written bad acid trip. It gave me a lot of drawing ideas and is also one of the very few times in the series I've been able to actually view Shinichi as Conan. Also, seeing an older version of the DB was totally awesome! <3
  2. The Wandering Red Butterfly - Because I am extremely interested in learning about the Kudo's past, I thought this was a great one. Tbh, I've always wondered what Yukiko sees in Yusaku. XD
  3. The Ten Planets in the Night Sky - Two words. Baby Shinichi. I mean just look at this kid, solving mystery cases before he can even talk! LOL
  4. Wait for me - I think this had a nice nostalgic tone about it and I deeply loved the sci-fi elements. Not to mention, all of Gosho's short stories also have really lovely music.
  5. Magic File 3 Mahjong Pieces and the Memories from Tanabata - More about Shinichi and Ran's childhood, yes! :grin: I thought this whole OVA was very sweet and simple.
  6. OVA 11 A Secret Order From London - I liked that this revealed a more personal side of Haibara we don't really see much of. And more Haibara and Ayumi moments? OwO No complaints here. Ngl tho, seeing them dressed up as lolis rather disturbed me.

But I also enjoyed 1, 2, 10 for the hilarity aspects of them. XD

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I like all of them ^^ *but the first most attracting me ;)*

Because I'm crazyfan of conan and Shinichi :)

*waiting for M16 ^^*

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-- OVA 9 Made me cry and I watched it 10 times

-- OVA 11 Ai is just so funny XD

-- Ten Planets in the Night Sky Two words 'smart baby'

Haven't watched all of it but I'll try to finish them. . .

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well for me, my favorite OVAs would be


OVA 1 - I really laughed so hard in this OVA.... Conan ransforming into Kogoro and then to Heiji... and and and... Kid was really funny here....

OVA 9 - T_T.... I cried here..... hahahahah.....

OVA 10 - hihihihi.. another funny OVA..... :D :D

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