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~ur smiley sign~!

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Hello to all dc crazy addict fan Like me!!!


I bet everyone know smiley signs!

Such as "(:",":P" and so on!

Why not hav ur own smiley sign?

Use it in every sentense! It,d b fun! U,ll b popular with it!

But let me tell ya the"xP" face is mine... the ":P" face is for my sissy kklt-chan and the "^_^" face is for ktpt-kun !

So u can chosse and create ur own here!


Express ur mood with ur smiley signs!

Well.. Since I'm the leader of this project..^^ here is few rules:-

1:- u can't chosse a face someone chosse Bfor U!

2:- u can't change the face

3:- this face should b in every sentense u write or anything else xP << C?

So ur in or out?

This is only for fun!

Ur Ai-chan!

P.s u must comment here if ur In and PM me with ur smiley sig !

Edited by XxxMiss-AixxX

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I know what is Pipichan's :P THIS --> <_<

Maybe. :V

This is mine:


/me facepalms*

Oh wait...we're not in IRC. :V


Who,s Jane?

:mellow: Who's Jane?

Jean is IdentityUnknown.

Thank you for the clarification.

Uh...I don't know. <_< or :V I suppose...though both fit me...

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