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[SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,103–File 1,10X

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1. Please use spoiler boxes until a full English translation is available.

2. NO DIRECT LINK to any Japanese scans (RAWs) or English scans (Japanese spoiler images are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very far away from a full scan).



Just simply type the following:

[spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler]

Spoilers for 1,103 are now out:


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Thanks for bearing with the double-post.


1,103 text spoilers, courtesy of Spimer:


. Conan has gone to a chess tournmaent where Shiratori is taking part. When Kogoro brings it up, Wakita remembers the death of Haneda Kouji, of standing over his body
. Kuroda has also come to the tournament and comments to Wakasa that he feels like they've met in a similar tournament in the past (it's revealed that 17 years ago, Wakasa was Amanda's bodyguard "Asaka")
. The case characters talk about a dead chess player who used amazing grace as ringtone, his good luck jinx
. The same melody rings out during the tournament
. Afterwards, one of the characters is annoyed over some email
. Someone shoots a bowgun arrow at a participant and when Kuroda and Conan try to find the attacker, they find another participant dead in the toilet stall, with a magazine and a horse piece keyholder (a gift from Kobayashi to Shiratori, who accidentally dropped it)


No break next week—we can expect 1,104 spoilers around this time next week.

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Thanks for bearing with this quintuple post.


1,106 spoilers are now out:



Synopsis (courtesy of Twitter user DCPH Anime and Manga (@conanph0304))


Hyōe is an NPA agent in the same division as Rei/Tōru/Bourbon.

Hyōe went to the United States with a friend to watch the Chess Tournament.

Rumi Wakasa's/Asaka's real name is Rachel Asaka. Her father was Amanda's bodyguard, who was murdered, leading to her testifying and joining the Witness Protection Program. She was raised by Amanda.

Kōji calls Rachel/Rumi his type, and her eye condition is identified as acute amaurosis/black cataract.

In the present, Chianti and Korn are in sniping position as Rum, in his limo, tells them their target is the bodyguard he failed to kill 17 years ago.

Rum used his left eye to identify Amanda's guards and have the BO goons incapacitate them all, leaving only Rachel/Rumi and Hyōe as threats to the assassination. Rum takes the stage personally.

Amanda asks a favor of Rachel/Rumi. Rum and some BO goons then enter to find Amanda waiting for them, seemingly alone. Amanda identifies Rum as someone she met 50 years ago at a "Japanese millionaire's birthday party." She says that he was a child back then, and was also called Rum back then.

The BO goons try to get the drop on Hyõe, but he turns the tables on them.


No break next week.

We can expect 1,107 spoilers around this time next week.

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Thanks for bearing with this sextuple post.


1,107 spoilers are now out:



Synopsis (Page 1–Page 15)


Hyōe is explaining things to Shinichi/Conan in the present, before we flashback to after Hyōe knocked out the BO goons in the bathroom.


After Hyōe ties up the BO goons and goes to the front desk, the hotel staff take no action when he shows his badge and demands to be shown to Amanda's room.


Rum confronts Amanda with the BO goons, seemingly having read all of Amanda's planned moves against him (he references a SWAT team, Vermouth and the FBI, and even Rachel/Rumi... the latter really shocks Amanda), and pulls out a small case with APTX pills.

Amanda deliberately ingests the APTX, surprising Rum—it seems he wanted to take her alive. He orders the BO goons to find Rachel/Rumi, believing Amanda told her sensitive info.


Rachel/Rumi is in Kōji's room, and tries to rush back to Amanda, but that's the moment Rum and the BO goons knock on the door. Kōji has Rachel/Rumi hide, answers the door, denies knowing anything to Rum and the BO goons, and slams the door in their faces. He then tases Rachel/Rumi and hides her inside one of the bookshelves (taking out all the books, putting her body inside, and hiding her body from view with a row of books). He makes his comment about the watchtower bishop as she passes out.

Hyōe tricks a bellboy into leading Hyōe to Amanda's room by lying about being her guard (he leaves a phone for the bellboy, calls it and tells the bellboy to deliver the phone to Amanda's room).


Kōji eventually has to let Rum and the BO goons in. Rum appears on track to expose Kōji's trick to hide Rachel/Rumi in the bookshelf when Kōji mentions the name Renya Karasuma, immediately drawing Rum's attention away from the bookshelf.


Hyōe tails the bellboy to Amanda's room, and enters when the bellboy screams at finding Amanda's body on the chair. Hyōe tells the bellboy to phone the police and first sees the dying message with the knight and watch.


Even after being beaten by the BO goons, Kōji won't talk. After hearing that Amanda's body was discovered, Rum decides to use the APTX on Kōji.


Hyōe thinks about the dying message and takes a picture.


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