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Is Aoyama running out of keyhole characters? Who's next?

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This is my first post here on the forum so I apologize if I make any formatting mistakes. 


With 101 released volumes, there are now 101 characters featured on the back cover of Detective Conan volumes. Practically every single character that had at least some form of an impact on the story has their own keyhole, and then some. Several one-off characters get there own keyholes too: Haga Kyosuke (46), Bartender Lady (81), Vampire Maid Lady (79), etc. It's important to note that those were all "memorable" one-off characters. Aoyama is so desperate to find new keyhole characters that Vermouth appears four times: Chris Vineyard (26), Sharon Vineyard (35), Scar Akai (78), and Enomoto Azusa (90). 


Do you think that this scarcity of untouched characters will eventually reach a point where the course of the whole story shifts so that Aoyama can feature a new character? 

After all, every single keyhole character appears in the volume they are on (Even Okino Yoko in volume 17 (she's in one panel in the background of a thought)). 


Also, who do you think is next in line to get their keyhole?

My bet is Hagiwara Chihaya. 


Finally, who do you think should get their keyhole ASAP? 

My choice is Itakura Suguru


Here's a list of notable characters who haven't gotten keyholes yet:

Hagiwara Chihaya

Miyano Elena

Haneda Kouji


Iori Muga

Sonoko's Father

Itakura Suguru

Tsuburaya Asami

Futoshi Ejiri 

Iwao Ida


Inspector Momose

Lupin (Suzuki Jirokichi's Dog)

Kenzaki Osamu

Sanada Takahiro

Rum (without disguise)

Karasuma Renya

Miyano Shiho



Numabuchi Kiichiro

Phantom Lady

Nakamori Aoko



Alright, now that I listed them there might be quite a few left. But some of these characters like Futoshi Ejiri and Iwao Ida don't have a reason to return.

What do you all think?


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One-off characters potentially means Gosho doesn't have to worry about running out for a while... though the ones who typically get this honor are characters in a long case (46, 79), or are connected to recurring characters/places (81).

Same goes for characters like Shiro Suzuki, Asami, Ejiri & Ida, Nakamichi, Inspector Momose, Jirokichi's Lupin, Osamu, Takahiro, Aoko and the Phantom Lady... they're not too adjacent to the main plot of DC, so Gosho can count on them to fill the spots.

If he feels pressed, he can even pull what he did with Vermouth, Shinichi and Shūichi/Subaru, and have a character who's already appeared on the keyhole appear again... the ones most likely for this are ones that haven't been on in a while... Shiho and Mary would fit in this category.

The ones I think are most likely and are the most appropriate to appear, though, are Conan, Chihaya, Elena, Muga, Korn, Rum's non-disguised face and Karasuma.

The "they showed up for a single panel, so it counts" qualification might even get dead characters like Tequila, Pisco and Itakura to appear... though that depends on the contents of the volume.

And this isn't even getting into any characters that may be introduced (be it from within the manga, from the anime, or from the movies).


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Your analysis suggests that Gosho Aoyama has a range of options when it comes to introducing new characters or utilizing existing ones. By incorporating one-off characters, characters from longer cases, or those connected to recurring elements, he can keep the story fresh without running out of ideas. Additionally, characters that are somewhat independent from the main plotline can be reintroduced when needed to fill specific roles.

You also mention the possibility of characters who haven't appeared in a while making a comeback, such as Shiho and Mary, and even characters who have appeared in minor roles in the past. This approach can help maintain a sense of continuity within the series.

Furthermore, you discuss the concept of characters appearing briefly in a single panel, and how that might still count as an appearance. This level of detail showcases the depth of your analysis and understanding of the series.

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