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Why we all love Detective Conan !

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To be honest it was because my friend recommended it to me and since then I've been hooked!

But I love it because of all the emotion, comedy, Mouri's stupidity and speculation that makes the Detective Conan we all know and love :D

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well, you guys as i know like conan.. as for me since i was a 7 year old girl and now i'm 16 already..

what i wanted to know is, why do you like detective conan ?? people said because it is exciting and adventuress but do you any other explanation than the thing that i have heard almost every time when i ask this question:


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While I'm in the addictive mode and continually watch the series, I do it because it's exiting and I just love mysteries. But afterwards, I love thinking about each cases and engaging my brains on major things such as who Bourbon and Scar Akai is and other major things like that.

I also like how Conan has to deal with being the cruel bringer of justice. At the end of the Gomera case, while he was expected to be thanked, he was told that not everything is black and white. Most people, not just the murderers, of the series would say the same thing. Conan is never allowed to side with the criminal but sometimes he can't help but feeling sorry for the criminals which can be hard. Even Sherlock Holmes let a murderer get away once and concealed the truth about her identity. Conan, being a Sherlock fan and through experience, would understand how he felt. He realizes that the world is not black and white but at the same time, he is fighting something that is completely black: The BO. This organization causes the blackness of one's heart to be in the dark society. As Gin said, "Mixing black with black will only get you black." However, there is "white" as well. Ran's pure heart for all people lets Conan see good in people as well because as she represents, there's good in everyone. Some people see this as weakness but in reality, this makes them strong (which metaphoracally explains Ran's karate). Perhaps this is why Conan tries to make the criminals realize that what they were dong were wrong: while they'll never be cleansed of the blood they spilt, they can still redeem themselves. Ai is the exemplary. She has turned her back on the society of pure evil and has found her way to those will help her redeem herself. Although at first she was uncomfortable to accept Ran, she eventually accepts her and has time and time again redeemed herself. She has gone from a person willing to test drugs on live human beings, to a kind person willing to sacrifice herself for the safety of others. The thing she wants to protect them from is the pure blackness that may mean she doesn't want them to fall victims to society.

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Because its.... Well, it's.... It's awesome. It doesn't get enough credit for the things people don't always realize. A flawless series? No. But it has so much heart put into it, maybe more than the author thinks he put in, and maybe in ways the audience haven't discovered yet. "Creations reflect the heart of the creator,", right?  :D

I sorta think DC is like homestuck. At first it starts off more docile and with no warning to the wider adventure that follows, and then it gets epic, but you have to wait a little until it gets more complex, art is improved, The creators have managed to stay two steps ahead in more ways than we thought at first (though Hussie in an insane amount), concepts, ideas, aren't revealed until about 3000 pages after, and there's constant wondering of exactly how much we've been let in on, and how much the author even knows  :ph34r:  not that crazy... right?

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I started reading Detective Conan as a natural intersection of several interests.


I first read The Roman Mysteries, a series of novels about kid detectives in the Roman Empire, because of my interest in Classical History.


That got me hooked on detective fiction, and I started reading other historical fiction mysteries, as well as Golden Age Detective Fiction like Holmes, Poirot, Miss Marple, Lord Peter Wimsey, etc.  Now I read all sorts of mystery books.


The Roman Mysteries and Harry Potter got me interested in books with kid protagonists.   My library carries Negima, which had seen mentioned a lot of TV Tropes and has some superficial similarities to Harry Potter.  I have also been a big fantasy fan since I read Tolkien as a kid.  That was my first major manga interest.


Since my library also carries Case Closed, it made sense to try something that combined my interest in mangas, mysteries, and children's literature.

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This topic is pretty old and quiet but it's not too late to reply right? :DDDD

Detective Conan was already aired in my country for some time during my childhood (2000s) so I already know the background of the anime. But one day when I was 10, I decided to watch from the first episode of Det. Conan. I was surprised with the old artstyle and the totally low quality (good streaming sites don't exist then) but I kept watching anyway. As a child, of course I would be awed about the complicated tricks and puzzles the anime provided. 

As I grew up I still follow the series and with more information about the anime leaked out, I dare to point out the reasons I will still put Det. Conan as one of my top anime. 
If you think they're wrong, fight me

1. The anime uses real fact and logic. 
MUST SEE! --> Gosho Aoyama Interview video [link]
Aside from the anime often broke the laws of physics, this anime uses legit facts in their reasoning. Gosho Aoyama actually researched the facts in a wide range of aspects for the content of his manga/anime. Besides that, he also tests the tricks for the murders (idk how many times tho) before he actually writes them in his manga/anime so NO ONE has the right to say that his tricks in the anime are 'not logic'. Anyone remember when Conan and Reiko dialed the phone using their voices in movie 12? It actually works in real life! I wish I remember where to find the video though...

2. The artstyle
I'm not sure about other long-running anime but I'm sure none has a gradual change in artstyle as Det.Conan. We know some long-running anime like Pokemon and Naruto that stick to one artstyle in a period of time before changing it (or maybe the change is not obvious enough, I'm probably wrong). I find it fascinating to see the change of the art slowly change as I watch the whole series.

3. The connection and complexity of the plot.
Det. Conan fans know how Gosho always make the plot for an arc complicated. Especially in the current arc in the manga that connects with the old cases we won't expect to appear (don't worry no spoilers). I wish I could explain in detail but then there would be spoilers and I forgot most of the details because I'm currently watching Pokemon anime.

4. The balance
I'm not sure if I'm looking this too deep but I feel there's a certain balance in Det.Conan. Like Vermouth who is the antagonist but is protective of Shinichi and Ran, proving that she is not heartless. Or Mouri who is a drunkard but is a really caring father to Ran. I don't enjoy watching anime if I could predict what a character does next and go "Oh, of course he does it because he's like that." I won't say that the characters have realistic personalities but I enjoy seeing two sides of a character that make us understand them better.

Last but not least...
5. This awesome fan-base. (except those immature ones, including hard-core shippers)
I admit that I haven't watch or been in Det.Conan community for a while but I really enjoyed my past experience in the Det.Conan fandom. I enjoy reading threads about fan-theories and some theories really amazed me. I mean, the possibilities are endless and it's fun to throw out opinions about a never-ending series. Besides, I'm glad that I don't see too much hate comments regarding 'new Det.Conan vs old Det.Conan' so I think this fandom is the best one I've been so far. :D 


Yeah... these are my reasons to love Det.Conan. 

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  1. I am obsessed with mysteries by Ranpo Edogawa and Agatha Christie and I also love Sherlock Holmes. I started watching this anime after reading Sherlock Holmes.
  2. It has balanced genres. It isn't all black organization, at least they live their lives in most of the episodes (except the encountered victims lol).
  3. It has OVAs.
  4. The other characters have their own animes. For example, Magic Kaito and Zero's Tea Time.
  5. The details based on logic are cool.

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