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any recommendations?

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so i've been wanting to watch like atleast 2 eps of detective conan since i miss it and i wanted to ask what is a good 2 part story like the same story but 2 eps and also i want it to be filler so i know what's going on cuz i don't know anything about the plot i just wanna enjoy watching

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Here are some TV-original two-part episodes that I think are good:


  • 669-670: The Dark Tower's Hidden Treasure
  • 489 (1 hour special): Courtroom Confrontation III: Prosecutor as Eyewitness
  • 636-637: The Most Useful School in the World Case
  • 806-807: The Ventriloquist's Illusion

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For the ones I am suggesting, there is a recency bias, as it was rather late into the series that I started rating episodes. Nonetheless, here are a bunch more:


  • 547-548: Two Days with the Culprit
  • 804-805: Conan and Ebizo's Kabuki Jūhachiban Mystery
  • 962-964: Kogoro Mouri's Grand Lecture (3 episodes)
  • 965-968: Kaiju Gomera vs. Kamen Yaiba (4 episodes)

The last three are especially good.

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My recommendations:

  • The Unsolved Cocktail Case (952-954)
  • The Target is the Metropolitan Police Traffic Department (971-974)
  • Chiba's Difficult UFO Case (847-848)
  • The Promo Video Shooting Case (629-630)
  • Lawyer Kisaki's SOS (901-902)
  • Kid vs. Komei: The Targeted Lips (983-984)
  • Kaitou Kid and the Blush Mermaid (724-725)
  • The Scarlet School Trip (927-928)
  • The Heartfelt Strap (925-926)
  • The Suspects Are a Passionate Couple (822-823)
  • Memories from Sakura Class (853-854)
  • The Moonlight Sonata Murder Case (1000-1001)
  • Conan Disappeared on the Cliff (869-870)

But there are way more exciting two-part episodes than the above.

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