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[SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,067–File 1,069: Waiting for an Amulet of Love and Fortune

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1. Please use spoiler boxes until a full English translation is available.

2. NO DIRECT LINK to any Japanese scans (RAWs) or English scans (Japanese spoiler images are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very far away from a full scan).



Just simply type the following:

[spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler]

Here's the preview for the case, courtesy of BK 201, and translation courtesy of Mera:


"After a turbulent night, Conan is pondering the disquieting words that Camel heard.

On the other hand, it's Ran with an odd smile.

And the one who is coming to the detective agency is...."


Spoiler pics for 1,067 have come out:



And here are translations of those spoiler pics, courtesy of Holmes:


Conan (Internal Monologue): There are 2 things I’m curious about, the thing that Dad and Akai were discussing after we returned from Umizaru Island...

Yusaku (Flashback): That late night tea party’s answer is still pending, after all...

Akai (Flashback) : Yeah...

Conan (Internal Monologue): Tea party...?

Conan (Internal Monologue): That, and the stuff that Camel-san heard about Rum’s true identity...

Camel (Flashback): C-Come to think of it...

Camel (Flashback): Vodka said that...

Camel (Flashback): Rum changed his face,

Camel (Flashback): and goes by a silly name...


Conan (Internal Monologue): A silly name...the FBI agents and Akai-san said they have no idea, and even if I ask Amuro-san I’m pretty sure he’ll just dodge the question, I can only talk about it with...


Conan (Internal Monologue): I did the right thing by taking the FBI ID card away from the breast pocket of the dead man, who fell from a building in Beika...

Conan (Internal Monologue): ...and give it back to James and the others.

Conan (Internal Monologue): Given that the victim was an FBI agent, the situation could've worsened and it would've gotten way harder for Akai and the others to remain in Japan.

Conan (Internal Monologue): Though... Despite having managed to avoid such a situation, there were more than ten casualties...

Conan (Internal Monologue): ...apparently FBI headquarters ordered them to repatriate in order to reorganize...

Conan (Internal Monologue): ...and so a large number of agents went back to their country, America...


Ran: Who are you talking with?!

Heiji & Conan: EEEH?!

Conan: Uh... No, well, actually... this guy is...

Heiji: Umm...

Heiji: Actually, I am...

Kazuha: ...

Kazuha: Judging from your voice... Ain'tcha Kōmoto Byōga from the Naniwa Kids?!

Kazuha: I'm a huuuge fan of yers, ye ken?!

Heiji (Internal Monologue): Wha?!


Here are also some additional spoiler pics that haven't been translated yet:



And a summary of 1,067, as well, translation courtesy of Kemo:


- The Cover is Conan with a grin on his face holding on to a Mask.


- In the beginning of the file, Conan, Ran and Kogorō are in the agency watching the news on the FBI's clash with the BO and the island burning.


- Conan thinks about the events and tries connecting them together; Kazuha then enters alone, without Heiji.


- The scene shifts after that to a temple/shrine with Ran, Kazuha and Conan.


- Conan discovers Heiji standing in one of the rows with a mask.


- Heiji tells Conan about the numerous times he tried and failed to confess.


- Heiji gives Conan a mask then Conan puts his Voice Changer into it so that no one else finds him out.


- Suddenly Ran and Kazuha reach to the place where Conan and Heiji are at and Heiji quickly puts on the mask. Kazuha thinks the person is someone else she is infatuated with/interested in.


- There is someone Ran and Kazuha were suspicious of who carries a pack of cards.


- After that, the same person hurries out of a building, and Heiji and Conan also become suspicious of him.


- A loud noise is heard which triggers Conan and the other to run towards it, they discover a body with blood around the head. It is the same person who Kazuha and Ran found suspicious earlier.


-Next to the victim, on the stairs that he went down, a piece of cloth is found (like a sign) and the pack of cards he had earlier contained 4 pictures, all of which are the suspects of this case.


- The file ends after the police arrive on the scene.


- The suspects are three men and one woman (the leaked Images only show two men and one woman) The fourth suspect hasn't appeared yet, knowing that the two men and the woman have been arrested and handcuffed.


- The fourth suspect could have been the victim himself—the picture on the card is different but not clear enough—it will become clearer once the translated file is out.


There's no break next week—we can expect 1,068 spoilers around January 29th.

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There is not much happening in this chapter and did not expect that as well. After such a tense build up and release, Gosho likes to give a light hearted file. And this case also shall be no different. There will be a silly motive that's for sure.

Somethings that are worth looking out for:

-How Heiji will get out of the mess without revealing himself? Would he play along with that voice? That's too risky.

-if Heiji is found out, how will he hide the fact about voice changer? Will this evoke Ran's suspicion?

-How much Conan is going to fill Heiji in on Rum?



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1,068 spoiler pics now out:



And a text summary, translation courtesy of Kemo:


-The file cover is Conan standing alone in an empty "square" in front of a large flag, observing it. (The flag was the murder weapon)

- Takagi is talking and has a mental visualization of how the culprit could have killed the victim. The culprit hit the victim with the flag pole on the head and then ran away with the pole.

- Sato handcuffs herself to a lamp-post (handcuffing both her hands and using a wire to tie herself to the lamp-post) to exhibit the trick that "Shamoto" (one of the suspects) preformed, where she was previously handcuffed by the victim but managed to get them off.

- The suspect (Kawano?) says that he witnessed the victim chasing after Shimoto after Heiji irritated him, Sato intruded and gave Kawano a cautionary hit

- The third suspect, Genai, tries to flirt with Sato.

- Conan and Heiji spot strange dirty areas on the bottom of his pants.

- Shimoto says that Genai has motive to commit the crime.

- Kawano accuses Shimoto of not having an alibi.

- There is tension between Shimoto and Genai.

- The victim's body has been transported away from the crime scene.

- While Conan and Heiji check out the crime scene, Ran and Kazuha play around with the snowmen until one of it's eyes falls out. Sato picks it up and tries to return it to the snowman, but she loses her balance and Takagi helps her... at this point, Conan and Heiji realize the culprit's trick.

- Conan and Heiji happily look at each other having finally cracked the case; Ran stares at Heiji intensely and in the Last panel considers that he is indeed Heiji.

- 1069 will be the resolution.


No break next week—we can expect 1,069 spoilers around February 5th.

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Ran and Kazuha are playing around with a snowmen while a murder had just taken place? They are DB's or what? Ah, maybe murders are so common place now to them that it doesn't even matter. They might as well play karuta cards.

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1,069 spoiler pics now out:



And a text summary, translation courtesy of Kemo:


- The file cover is Conan leaning against the snowman.


- Heiji continues with his deduction.


- Ran and Kazuha observe him; Kazuha knows its Heiji.


- Kazuha is angry at Heiji, who has a mask on.


- Takagi and Sato reveal that the bucket that was on the head of one of the snowmen is the Weapon utilized for this crime. While there are traces of frozen water within it, the weapon is not the flag pole as previously deduced.


- Heiji directs his accusations towards Shimoto, and she denies the accusation claiming that she was handcuffed to the lamp-post. Conan interjects and explains how the handcuffs could have been undone—this was tried on Takagi by Sato.


- After cornering Shimoto with evidence, she collapses and admits her crime—a flashback shows how she committed the crime.


- She is then arrested and taken away by Takagi and Sato.


- Conan and Heiji are discussing combining names up and a male character appears and Kaito Kid appears too.

- About the Character who appeared, it was a fat male and Kaito Kid, they appeared in the background as Conan and Heiji were discussing combining names and disguise such as "Edogawa Conan"... Conan takes note of the Name combinations and thinks.


- While Conan and Heiji talk, Kazuha and Ran approach them, however, there are loud noises, cheering and complements as Komoto Hyogo appears between the visitors and fans begin to engulf/surround him.


- Kazuha then stares at Heiji who is still wearing his mask... and then the surprise happens.


- Kazuha approaches Heiji steadily who is now frozen in place, she raises her hand towards the mask without Heiji noticing... she intends to remove the mask peacefully and calmly, however, she suddenly smacks the mask off sending it flying upwards.


- The scene between them after that is beautiful, Heiji and Kazuha both blush.


- To be honest the background of the Heiji-Kazuha panel is Romantic. Gosho gave them a special bokeh lights background.


- At the end, the scene switches to comedy and the file ends.


- Next case is in two months.



Now here's the thing about this bit:


"- Conan and Heiji are discussing combining names up and a male character appears and Kaito Kid appears too.

- About the Character who appeared, it was a fat male and Kaito Kid, they appeared in the background as Conan and Heiji were discussing combining names and disguise such as "Edogawa Conan"... Conan takes note of the Name combinations and thinks."


Kid disguised himself as a man named "Katsuki Doito" in the Magic Lover's Murder Case (File 192–File 196/Episode 132–Episode 134).

"Katsuki Doito" is an anagram—rearrange the Japanese characters, and you get Kaito Kid.


How does this pertain to the Rum arc? Rum's signature phrase is "time is money", which is "toki wa kanenari" in Japanese.

Rearrange "toki wa kanenari", and you get the "silly name" Rum has adopted... "Kanenori Wakita." 


So this realization is how Conan will become suspicious of Wakita.


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