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[SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,058–File 1,06X

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1. Please use spoiler boxes until a full English translation is available.

2. NO DIRECT LINK to any Japanese scans (RAWs) or English scans (Japanese spoiler images are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very far away from a full scan).



Just simply type the following:

[spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler]

Spoiler pics for 1,058 are now out:


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Apologies for the double post.


Break next week—we can expect 1,059 spoilers in about two weeks.


And here's the full translation of the last two pages of 1,058, courtesy of Manaphy (https://imgur.com/a/cLhYTdD):


Page 15
Conan: If you don't hurry, the TV staff is going to come, you know?
Conan: Hey...
Conan: At least give me a reply...
Conan: Wait, are you okay, Mom?
Yukiko (disguised as Yusaku): I'v fine...
Yukiko (disguised as Yusaku): I wah yust dohing a hittle...
Conan: D-don't tell me you too ate the same cuisine as dad yesterday evening, Mom!?
Yukiko (disguised as Yusaku): I ate it...
Yukiko (disguised as Yusaku): We'he mahhied, afteh all..
Conan (internal monologue): That's definitely food poisoning!
Conan (internal monologue): I have to turn down the TV shooting...
Conan (internal monologue): And take them to the hospital quick, or else...
Page 16
SFX : Ding dong
Conan (internal monologue): This is bad! The TV staff's here!
Conan (internal monologue): Even though the voice-changer isn't done charging...
Conan (internal monologue): In any case, there's no choice but to explain the situation...
Conan (internal monologue): And ask them to go back...
Conan: I-I'm sorry, today is...
Conan: —a bit...
Conan (internal monologue): You...
Conan (internal monologue): Don't tell me!?
Side note: The one who rushed to Yusaku Kudō's predicament was... Yusaku Kudō...!?


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Apologies for the double post.


More spoiler pics have come out:



Here are the translations:


Yusaku: The case involving serial locked room murders that's happened for the last month...

Yusaku: Well, each victim has no connection in terms of age or job and the murder methods vary in each case... And so I was told that it's unclear whether they were all killed by the same culprit or not...


Yusaku: An emergency live broadcast next Saturday at 8PM, in Tōto TV!

Yusaku: Titled "Complete explanation of the serial locked room murder cases"! I will solve the mystery!

Yusaku: But until I saw the crime scenes photos today at the MPD...

Yusaku: I only intended to make a deduction based on the available information... 

Reporter: I-I belong to another station, but I'm looking forward to it...

Yusaku: If you'll excuse me!

Reporter: Ah!

Reporter: Allow me one last question!

Reporter: You strangely solved a false accusation against Kid, too...

Reporter: Please send him a message!

Yusaku: Let's see...

Yusaku: If you consider you owe me one, please consider buying one of my novels...


Conan: You want to disguise yourself as Dad... and make me use the voice changer?!

Yukiko: Ssshhhhhh!!!

Yukiko: Truth is, Yu-chan was supposed to go to the MPD HQ at noon to reveal the truth of the case, but he fell asleep before that...

Conan: I see..

Conan: You still haven’t heard the truth of the case yet... 

Conan: So you want me to go home with you, show me the case’s materials, and solve it to prepare for the television special...

Yukiko: As excepted of my son!

Yukiko: You’re spot on!

Conan: Geez.... got it!

Conan: So when will the TV crew come?

Yukiko: 6 pm..

Conan: 4 hours left, then?


And here is a summary of the chapter, courtesy of Sidier#8557:


File 1,058

Deduction Show on TV!?


Yusaku comes out of the MPD building. Nakamori comes up to him and asks him to look into a recent crime, saying he feels something's off with it. A museum owner, arrested under suspicion of fraud that morning for selling jewels to deal with hard times for his business, had tried to make it look like Kid had stolen from him in order to get insurance money.

Suddenly, the media accosts Yusaku. Yusaku reveals that he came to the MPD at Megure's request to solve a series of locked room murders that happened over the span of a month. All 3 victims were killed in different ways, and were all of different ages and jobs, so the MPD has had a hard time finding who's responsible. Having now seen photos of the crime scenes, Yusaku has figured out the trick behind the locked rooms, but he still hasn't figured out the culprit. As he leaves, he reveals that he's scheduled for a TV appearance to reveal the truth. A shadowman figure grins while watching this on their phone.

3 days later, on the day Yusaku is meant to film for the program, he's been lying in bed after eating at an Italian restaurant—he was even supposed to go to the MPD today to tell Megure about the truth of the case, so now no one else knows what the truth of the case . Since the producer of the program is the same producer who played a key role in the first-ever TV adaption of Yusaku's work, it'll be hard to turn him down, so Yukiko suggests Conan solve the case and then he can use the voice changer to relay his deduction through her while she disguises as Yusaku. A shadowman figure grins while eavesdropping on them.

Akai is out on FBI business as Conan looks at the case files. He figures out the trick to the locked room, that the 3 murders were committed by the same killer, and is thus able to get a rough idea of who the culprit is. He goes to get Yukiko, but she now has the same food poisoning as Yusaku. The TV staff have come and Conan's voice changer hasn't finished charging, so he goes to tell them to leave... but a 3rd Yusaku appears at the door. 


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A serial killer case, sounds interesting......


BTW on a separate  issue....
There possibly no former Rum......
Gosho said Rum is a single person.
Gosho also said ``One among the trio is indeed Rum.`` 
Former Rum isn't a Rum anymore.........

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I too think there is only one Rum. The spoiler pics also showed three Yusakus (the real one, Yukiko in disguise and a mysterious one). I think the 3rd one is Akai or Amuro in disguise.

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