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[SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,055–File 1,057: Kogorō's Dilemma

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1. Please use spoiler boxes until a full English translation is available.

2. NO DIRECT LINK to any Japanese scans (RAWs) or English scans (Japanese spoiler images are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very far away from a full scan).



Just simply type the following:

[spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler]

The entirety of 1,055 is already out (not yet translated, but the raws are out there on baidu).


Here's the chapter summary, courtesy of Manaphy:


FILE 1055: Kogorō's Dilemma

Kogorō is in trouble because he ran out of paper in the Detective Agency's restroom. Usually, he'd just yell and ask Ran... however, because Yōko Okino has come to the Agency, he doesn't want Yōko to know about this.


Since he has his smartphone on him, he thought about telling Ran via call or message... but if he tells Ran, there's a chance Yoko will also learn about it, so he decides to ask Conan.

At that time, Kogoro would never have guessed that this decision would be the key to unraveling a difficult case.




Ran was searching for a butter sandwich—that was in the fridge and had expired 2 days ago—in order to throw it away, but because Kogorō found it and ate it, she apologizes for not throwing it away. However, Kogorō doesn't complain like usual—he's in a good mood.


Ran suspects he's having an affair because his desk is tidied up, and Kogorō is dressed up fashionably... but Conan tells her that this is because today's client is Yōko.


Yōko came to ask about a certain case, and came alone after her manager told her that it was best that she not get involved.


It turns out that Yoko will play the ghost of a proprietress that was killed in her villa. Kogorō—who knew about that after an interview held by Yoko and the actor playing the detective—has a bad feeling. Instead of solving the mystery revolving around those who came to this villa, the ghost asks the detective to search one by one for her scattered bones. (?)


As they couldn't quite find the villa that suited the one used for the shooting, the producer, Wanya (?) Fukushima (39) said there was a villa where a mistress disappeared for real and suggests visiting it. The mistress who disappeared in that villa was Fukushima's older sister, and the villa was the house she'd lived in after being married.


As Fukushima and Yōko decided to go and check this villa, it took them one glance to think that this place was the best, because of the ominous atmosphere of the mansion. They planned to go back on that day but after seeing around for a while, they decided to spend the night there.


Kogorō is disturbed because he thinks she spent the night only with the producer, but she replies that it was not just the two of them, but also three other people who'd stopped at the villa to escape the summer heat: Nukiyasu Baba (46), the husband of Fukushima's sister; Fūgo Baba (44), Nukiyasu's younger brother; and Satomi Baba (43), Fuugo's wife.


Then, the case happened around midnight after they had dinner and went to sleep. After they thought they heard someone moaning, there was a rustling sound in the hallway, so Yōko,  intrigued, went in there and stumbled upon traces of blood dripping here and there. After following the blood and turning the corner, the bloodstains had stopped and nobody was there. There were neither stairs nor a door to go outside, just the door to the bathroom. She also checked the bathroom, but she didn't find anybody. In the meantime, everyone gathered... but Nukiyasu was missing.


Everyone decided to split up and search for him. However, because everyone besides Yōko was injured, they thought that it would be too dangerous alone, so they split into two groups: Fūgo, who dislocated his left wrist and had his arm hanged by the neck, went with Satomi, who was in a wheelchair because of hernia; and Yōko went with Fukushima, who had sprained his right leg and had a crutch.


At the very moment they decided that, a strange picture of lined-up cards was sent to Fūgo's smartphone from Nukiyasu. Yōko still doesn't know what the meaning behind this message was.


Fūgo sends a message back to Nukiyasu and even calls him, but his phone has no power, so in the end they search for him, but can't find him, anyway. As Yoko and Fūgo walk outside the villa, they still can't find Nukiyasu, even when they search around the villa and in the forest. Yōko and Fukushima, who couldn't let him loose, decide to cancel the job and all four of them keep searching for him, until the fourth morning.


Fūgo remembers that when he was a child and came to the villa, his parents almost didn't buy him toys at all, so under their noses he went to play cards with Nukiyasu in the attic. As they head for the attic, it seems that the stairs to go up to the attic are locked from the inside, so without coming down they call the police so they can break the attic's window, and as soon as they enter, they find Nukiyasu dead, a crossbow arrow in his back.


Since they broke the window to get in, it means that the window was locked—this was a locked-room murder. They found the crossbow, lying around the villa, when they were searching in the forest.


Yōko says this case is full of things she doesn't understand: she wonders how the culprit locked Nukiyasu inside the attic; she wonders what was the meaning behind the card pictures sent to Fuugo; and wonders if they could send this picture, why didn't they call the police in the first place?


Kogorō tries to look cool and accept Yoko's request, but the butter sandwich strikes again and he goes to the toilet because his stomach hurts. At this very moment, Wakita, who heard the story and was interested, enters.



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About the cards. I think the victim must have hoped that his brother could break the code, because they used to play cards in the attic, so they likely knows a lot of card games and the thermology of them. The facts are that The victim sends the picture to his brother, with whom he used to play cards with as children, so the key to solve the code must be connected to a game they played.

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