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nice to meet you

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Hi, my name is Ariel, not to be confused with that mermaid from Disney.

I'm 26 y-o, and I know it's late for me to join in detective conan forum bcs I've been reading them since I was in elementary school.

I just recently on board with Kai/Shin ship since I read Magic Kaito manga during my college days. I'm not going to bash any ship, honestly. I just want to ask if we are allowed to speak about ships here without starting, you know, ship war? If we're not allowed, then is there a safe place for us to speak about our ship and fangirl as we wish?

Thank you for letting me speak here. I think this is it for my introduction. Nice to meet you all, and I hope we got along well.

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Hello from the Caribbean guys. I hope to enjoy this fun anime and manga to it's fullest extent. Currently on episode 344. Also I noticed that the anime wiki does not have any info on episode 342. Hopefully info will be put in sometime. I hope to continue enjoying this series till it ends.

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