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[SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,047–File 1,050: Recollections of Vauxhall Bridge

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1. Please use spoiler boxes until a full English translation is available.

2. NO DIRECT LINK to any Japanese scans (RAWs) or English scans (Japanese spoiler images are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very far away from a full scan).



Just simply type the following:

[spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler]

1,047 spoiler pics now out:



Shōnen Sunday Preview, courtesy of Holmes:


"On the cover, there are Conan, Sera and Mary.
Something unusual happens at a party to which Conan, Ran, Sonoko and Sera have been invited."


Summary, courtesy of Baka:


"Mid-way through the meal, a dead body at the next table
Conan & Sera turn around
Afterwards, there's really a shot/scene of Mary just like on the cover, making tea while on the phone with Sera
there's news: looks like she's digging further into the truth about Conan this chapter."


No break next week—we can expect 1,048 spoiler info around this time next week.



Additional details, courtesy of Baka:


"Conan has an irritated throat and can't properly speak. When he was about to take a pill for the irritation, he realized he was reusing the case he carried the antidote with. Looking at Conan and seeing the contents of the case, Sera asks him, “What’s that blue-white pill?“
On the phone, later, Mary tells Masumi that someone made her swallow a capsule, taking advantage of her lowered guard—she seems to have been attacked at Vauxhall Bridge in London (which is the bridge that directly leads away from MI6 HQ)—she describes the capsule as red and white. Thus, she says Conan's is different from the one she was forced to swallow. She describes the attacker with a generic word, "yatsu," which can mean either gender."


UPDATE (#2):

More details, courtesy of Baka.


"Conan isn't at home because Kogoro is at a meeting with the neighborhood association, and Ran says she didn't want to leave him alone.
Sera has a feeling that Conan's lacking in vitality today—Ran said that Conan ate some very strong spicy stuff, so he has stomatitis and can't properly speak. She reminds him to take his medicine. When he was gonna take pill for that, he reminds himself/confirms that he didn't use one of the pills he got during the school trip—he's been saving it secretly.
Mary is telling Sera to, if possible, steal the antidote.
There's a terrifying phrase on the victim's forehead: 'Punishment from Heaven'".


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The pace of publication has slowed down quite a bit. Anyway, hopefully we will get some detailed answers to questions of motivations. It’d be fun if Sera is able to steal the antidote and find out its effects by using it on Mary.


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File 1,048 spoiler pics are now out—here's the translation of Pages 13 to 16:



Page 13:
Remi: If it's about the marker, I gave it back to my sister...
Yumi: Y-Yes...
Yumi: I put it in my bag...
Yumi: I-I didn't do it!
Yumi: I wouldn't kill anybody!
Yumi: Please believe me!
Sonoko: Sera-chan, please do something!
Sera: Even if you tell me that...
Sera: A call...
Sera: From Mama!
Sera: Yes?
Mary: How is it? Do you think you can get the medicine?
Sera: No, there's been a poisoning incident at the shop where the party's held...
Sera: So it's not the time for that!
Sera: I'll contact you again later...
Mary: Poison...
Page 14:
Mary: Poisoning, huh...
[A few months ago...]
Mary: Oh...
Mary: You're late, aren't you...
Mary: Tsutomu-san...
Tsutomu: My bad, Mary...
Tsutomu: It's been so long, I couldn't remember well the usual meeting spot...
Page 15:
Tsutomu: I completely forgot that it was the Vauxhall Bridge's guard rail...
Tsutomu: Right in front of the SIS headquarters...
Mary: And? Did you find out who the culprit who killed Haneda Kouji?
Tsutomu: No, I didn't grasp anything except the fact that it's a really big organization...
Tsutomu: They set their eyes on me, so i desperately ran away, you see...
Mary: Then, why is it that you didn't contact me for several years?
Tsutomu: I told you when we met before on that uproarious road, didn't I?
Tsutomu: That when I was escaping from them, I got seriously injured on my head and was wandering in the streets with amnesia for a long time...
Tsutomu: Because I got reunited with you, my memories finally returned and it seems like i'll be able to come back to the MI6 in one year...
Tsutomu: That aside, did you come to London with our sons?
Mary: No... With our daughter...
Tsutomu: Our daughter?
Mary: Oh... you still forgot about the daughter you held up in your own arms...
Tsutomu: Aah... That kid... Did she grow up?
Tsutomu: What's the matter, Mary?
Tsutomu: Why are you crying...
Page 16:
Mary: When I parted with Tsutomu-san, my daughter was still in my womb...
Mary: Who are you!?
Vermouth: Right...
Vermouth: I am not Akai Tsutomu...
Vermouth: I am a woman who will now...
Vermouth: Poison you with this drug...
Side text: London, Vauxhall bridge... This is a confrontation yet untold.

No break next week—we can expect 1,049 spoilers this time next week.

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Apologies for the double post.


Here are 1,049 spoiler pics (albeit in very low quality due to their size):



And here are text spoilers, courtesy of Sasumi/2leaves and Baka:


"Cover page is Mary and Vermouth face to face.
4 pages flashback again.
Vermouth feeds Mary the drug with her mouth directly. Mary then jumps into the river due to the instantaneous effect of the drug.
After Mary shrunk, she goes back to Sera, which connects to the flashback we saw in Chapter 1025.

Resolution next file!"


No break next week—we can expect 1,050 spoilers this time next week.



Here are translations of the first 5 pages of 1,049, courtesy of Manaphy:


Page 2

Vermouth: That's right...

Vermouth: I am not Akai Tsutomu...

Vermouth: I am the woman...

Vermouth: Who is about to poison you with this drug...

Vermouth: MI6 operative...

Vermouth: Mary Akai.

Vermouth: At last, I caught you...

Vermouth: I was loitering around this town since long ago, you know?

Vermouth: With the face of your husband...

Mary: I see... You had our coworkers witness this disguise...

Mary: In order to lure me out to this country, you had to make sure I would come to confirm whether you were the real one...

Mary: And so I wouldn't suspect a trap, you pretended it was a coincidence, and waited 3 years before meeting again...

Vermouth: Yes... Because in order for Akai Tsutomu, who is supposed to be dead, to return to MI6... His wife who had suddenly disappeared—your existence—was the bottleneck of this...

Mary: It's true that, like in this case, I can tell whether it is my husband...

Mary: Or whether it's but a disguise of the witch with a thousand faces...

Side Text: The person opposing Mary—the witch, Vermouth...


Page 3

Mary: But it's a shame...

Mary: I told my daughter that if I didn't come back after some time, she should let MI6 know that this Akai Tsutomu is an impostor...

Mary: And leave London...

Vermouth: Then perhaps I should disguise as you...

Vermouth: And go meet this daughter of yours?

Mary: Hmph... You sound so sure of where my daughter is...

Mary: There's no way you could know. You, who couldn't even grasp her existence...

Vermouth: ...True...

Vermouth: It looks like I'd better infiltrate MI6 another time...

Vermouth: I'll just fulfill my other objective, then...

Vermouth: Mary Akai's elimination...

Vermouth: If you live, it'll bother us in several ways...

Vermouth: How does it feel?

Vermouth: Leaving this world, all thanks to the poison your little sister created...


Page 4


Mary: Urgh...

Mary: Urgh...


Vermouth: Tch...

Passerby: What happened?


Page 5

Masumi: What's going on?



Masumi: Mama!

Masumi: Did you meet papa?

Masumi: Huh?

Masumi: Mama?

Masumi: Uh...

Masumi: Who are you?

Mary: It's me...

Mary: I've been drugged with a strange poison and ended up like this...

Mary: But I'm really your mother, Mary... *cough* *cough*

Masumi: R-really?! Is it really you, mama?! 

[End flashback]

Masumi: It's hard to believe...


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In regards to the latest tanslations of 1047+ 1048 + 1049, with Tsutomo's appearance, as a disguise to Vermouth. The fact that Vermouth seems to diguise as a perfect Tsutomo, means that she met with him, saw him, heard his voice, in order to be able to disguise as him. Moreover, Mary was confronted when she was in London, while 17 years ago she did travel to Japan to hide per Tsutomo's instructions ( The Beach case with Shinichi). She returned to England, and it is only in England that the BO/Vermouth did succeed in confronting Mary, the place that Tsutomo considered dangerous, and only Japan was safe.



Leading to three possibiliteis; 1) Tsutomo is actually dead, and most likely the killer is Vermouth ( in order to be able to know him and disguise as him.) . 2) Tsutomo is alive, and he is kept captive within BO, hence, they were able to extract the info on his family albeit partially. Knew about his children, and wife. 3) He is alive, and is in hiding somewhere. (Although, Vermouth wouldn't risk disguising as him, knowing that he is a MI6 and may still be alive somewhere. 

* Edit: with the new updated translations of file 1049; Vermouth says: Tsutomo who is supposed to be dead. Hinting that he is alive. Otherwise, it is a declaration that he is suppsoed to be dead, meaning he is dead, however she attempted to revive him in her disguise to kill Mary.


We know that the Akai and Miyano families are connected through Mary + Elena. Akemi and Shiho, are cousins to Shuu, Shukichi and Masumi. Shuu probably liked Akemi very much, and considers its not the time for Shiho to meet him. Also, she perhaps saw him before, and knew of the agent Rye in the BO.


Shiho is 17/18 years old. Her parents died when she was about 1-3 years old. Meaning 14-16 years ago, 3-1 years after Kouji's incident. Meaning that Tsutomo went on to investigate the crime, while his relatives the Miyanos were working inside the BO.


If the BO, knew about Tsutomo's wife, chances are they knew about her sister being Elena. Anything that may compromise Tsutomo, would throw off the Miyanos, who would've known about his dissappearance. 
*Edit: The updated translations of 1049 proves this correct.

Kohji, is Shuukichi's 'half brother', before the crime. The Akais knew the Hanedas before the crime, the Miyanos would know about Kohji's relations with Amanda. Being the 'half brother' to Shuukichi, I'd guess that most likely the Hanedas had good relations with the Akais, since Tsutomo is hired by them. The Miyanos, if they are in the know, would alert Kohji/Tsutomo about the BO. 


Plus, as far as we know, Mary's name is not on the APTX list. While chapter 1048, says the flashback is months ago, we don't know how far has it been for Shiho's betrayal. She might've been a BO at the time, and would've known about her aunt Mary targeted, or was it held as a secret against her, although the BO didn't hide Akemi's death from Shiho. Leading to the guess that, she already left  the BO at the time. 

*Update: According to Vermouth in 1049, it's been 3 years since her first diguise as Tsutomo, proving this as incorrect.

Within the 3 (Wakasa, Kuroda and Wakita), is Rum. According to Gosho. The three has a certain eye problem. Rum's artificial eye is ambiguous. According to Vermouth, in her disguise as Tsutomo, she's been hit on the head. She wouldn't risk lying about the area of an injury to Mary, who would've saw through her lie. Giving the result that Tsutomo indeed was hit on the head. 


Vermouth, did say she came to Mary to poison her, with BO agents. Probably an order. Yet, figured out that the meeting place was at Vauxhall Bridge. There's almost no way that the BO/Vermouth would know about Tsutomo' and Mary's meeting place, from a dead Tsutomo from long ago, or a far away Tsutomo, alluding to the fact that Tsutomo is within the BO. 


While Vermouth could've planted a tracking devie on Mary, I doubt Mary wouldn't notice. Or rather, since their meeting was from days ago, she would most definitely changed clothes and the tracking device is a loose end for the BO. Heavily hinting that the BO knew of the usual meeting place, from an alive Tsutomo. Who is more than likely, important for te BO alive than dead. On that note, Tsutomo is either a prisoner in BO, an altered agent for the BO (through perhaps hypnosis, or something similar). Or is a deaged person, living somewhere.



*** Update: Vermouth's attempt to inflitrate the MI6, heavily alludes to the fact that Tsutomo is in fact dead. Since she was affraid to be exposed by Masumi, after killinig Mary, proves that at least to her, Tsutomo is in fact dead. And his absent body, may in fact be an attempt by BO/Vermouth, to allow Vermouth to disguise as him and inflitrate the MI6.


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I think I know how the poisoning was possible. The victim stole food that Remi ate of and ate the rest. Just before the murder, a strawberry fell of Remi's slice of the cake. So there could have been poison on it and the victim picked it up and ate it. Of course that makes Remi the main suspect, but there is also the possibility that the murderer was planning on distracting everyone's attention giving the victim a chance to steal the strawberry or maybe that Remi was the intended victim. Or that it was the victim who was planning on poisoning Remi and she realized that and push the strawberry away to save herself.

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Spoiler pics for 1,050 are now out (albeit in low quality due to the small resolution):



Here are text spoilers, courtesy of Baka:


"The culprit is Remi's manager, Mitomu Kushiyama. After the deduction, he suddenly lashes out with a chair, but is subdued by Ran.


Continuing the flashback, after Mary was drugged by Vermouth and returns to the hotel room, she and Masumi see Conan at Wimbledon and recall the beach case.


Mary says her coughing might be a secondary effect of the drug. But she does not want to go to the hospital because she thinks the BO will be waiting for her there if they're aware of what happened to her body. 


Masumi manages to steal Conan's medicine container... but the antidote is not there."


2 weeks break after this—we can expect spoilers for 1,051 on around April the 3rd.

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