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[SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,043–File 1,04X

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1. Please use spoiler boxes until a full English translation is available.

2. NO DIRECT LINK to any Japanese scans (RAWs) or English scans (Japanese spoiler images are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very far away from a full scan).



Just simply type the following:

[spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler]

Case #300!


An SS teaser for 1,043 was just released. Here's the translation, courtesy of Manaphy:


Sorry I made you wait! The new series begins!

Haneda Kōji was the son of a wealthy and distinguished family. While Conan is trying to search for information about the "Haneda family," in what case will he be involved next?
After a long time, "a certain person" appears!


We can expect 1,043 spoiler pics/summaries by the end of this week.

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Just now, DCUniverseAficionado said:
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Who do you think "a certain person" is?



Against all odds... I'm actually comfortably guessing it's Mizunashi Rena.


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Just now, MeiTanteixX said:
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Against all odds... I'm actually comfortably guessing it's Mizunashi Rena.




That would be a pleasant surprise.


In any case, whether its her or whether its someone we haven't seen for a long time (but not as long a time as her absence), we can probably look forward to a nice 4-5 file-long case. :D


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16 minutes ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:

In any case, whether its her or whether its someone we haven't seen for a long time (but not as long a time as her absence)...

Who would your wild guess be? ^_^

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8 minutes ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:


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Here are some guesses...


At least one of the FBI trio (Jodie, James or Andre)? Sakurako? Hina Wada? Kiyonaga? Eisuke, perhaps?



Interesting options. Although I would personally cross off Kiyonaga, since he was kind of written off the series as his VA died, and Kuroda became the convinient replacement. Not sure if Sakurako & Hina are "hypeworthy" characters for the editors, but the FBI are a pretty good guess (although James seems like the least "hypeworthy" of the bunch, seeing as his relevance/appearance in the series overall has been pretty minimal).


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On 11/20/2019 at 7:56 AM, MeiTanteixX said:
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Interesting options. Although I would personally cross off Kiyonaga, since he was kind of written off the series as his VA died, and Kuroda became the convinient replacement. Not sure if Sakurako & Hina are "hypeworthy" characters for the editors, but the FBI are a pretty good guess (although James seems like the least "hypeworthy" of the bunch, seeing as his relevance/appearance in the series overall has been pretty minimal).




Which is funny, considering his most distinguishing feature is a facial scar crossing the eye area. Who knows, though? Nakamori now has a different voice actor, as well as James. As Senior Superintendent, with a different VA, it's possible for him to appear again. 


Sure, it's reasonable a majority would look forward to seeing Jodie, Andre and James more than Sakurako and Hina—and that a majority would look forward to seeing Jodie and Andre more than James.


In spite of his increased tendency to tandem with Rei, the FBI has been by his side for quite some time. Perhaps he reaches out to them to help out with his investigation into the Haneda family.


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Apologies for the double post.


Here are the 1,043 spoiler pics:



No break next week—we can expect 1,044 spoilers this time next week.


Here's a summary of 1,043, courtesy of Sakaki:



The kids are talking about soccer, and Conan's not amused because he wants to investigate the Haneda family. He's looking up the news on his smartphone and sees that there's been match fixing in shogi games and even worse a body found so the games have been suspended as investigations are ongoing and the police have no leads.
The only thing left with the body was a shogi table with one leg and he can't figure out what that means. Ayumi asks about what "fixing" means and there's a discussion about where the word came from. (Haibara thinks it's Sumo.) but then Chūkichi shows up and says it's from Igo (Or Go, like from Hikaru).
Chūkichi knew the guy who got killed, since he played him once and he used an unusual move. Ayumi figures out he's on a date with Yumi because he's not wearing his kimono and he's clean shaven. He says it's not a date, but he's off to meet someone important. He leaves and then a lady who's obviously not Yumi (it is Yumi) is obviously not stalking him. (she is.) Genta asks if they're fighting or something and she says they aren't, but he's been acting funny so she's trailing him. (As in he's been going out secretly more often.)
Yumi thinks she's just being overly worried but Haibara says it's likely he's cheating, lol.
She then doubles down on ~~stalking~~ trailing him and drags Conan in to help against his will. Conan asks her if she's ever met his parents, and she says no --but she's heard he lived with a rich family who had a son who was a shogi genius up until he died in an accident. (Kōji Haneda) Chūkichi inherited his dream to be the best at shogi and here we are.

Chūkichi goes to "star donuts" which is a place Yumi introduced him to so now she thinks he's shopping there for her....until he talks to some girls out front. She gets pissed and reveals herself (And I should add the girls refer to her as his girlfriend and she doesn't deny it.)
Turns out he's running a shogi practice group for these girls. One girl: Mina Katsumata is the daughter of the current shogi senior player Chikara Katsumata. The other girl is Shoko Uriyū. They both have interest in learning shogi from Chūkichi.
Another dude is there: Kōsuke Hishinuma and he has instant coffee which everyone agrees tastes nasty cause it's kinda lukewarm now.
They head in to meet the other person there Genda, and you guessed it, he be dead. Conan notices that the shogi table there only has two legs and wonders if this is connected to the case he read in the news.


UPDATE (#2):

Here are translations of the spoiler pics:



Page 1

File 1043 : The Meijin's beard.

The long-awaited new series...

When speaking of shogi, that person appears as expected!


Page 2

Genta: Ooooh! The game they were having during today...

Mitsuhiko: It's said in the news online that Japan won! Mitsuhiko: And it's said that even inside Samurai Blue, Double H greatly contributed!

Ayumi: Awesome!

Genta: They're so cool!

Conan: What's Double H?

Ayumi & Haibara: Eh?

Mitsuhiko: You don't know?

Genta: Seriously?

Haibara: Recently, both of Hide from the Tokyo Spirits and Higo from Big Osaka...

Haibara: Are being put together and called "Double H".

Conan: Heeeh, so that's how it was...

Side text: A new arc begins! Haibara-san is all smiles, isn't she.

Mitsuhiko: Haibara-san is also a H, right!

Haibara: Ufufu...

Conan (internal monologue): Well, rather than that, right now...

Conan (internal monologue): I must investigate Taikō Meijin's family, the Haneda family, but...

Conan (internal monologue): When I search for shogi right now...

Conan (internal monologue): I've almost only been bothered about that news...


Page 3

Conan (internal monologue): "Suspected of match fixing and currently on the run, the case of Player Nishikido, who was found as a corpse...

Conan (internal monologue): No progress as of yet," huh...

Conan (internal monologue): Furthermore, the fact that one leg of a shogi board abandoned next to the corpse had been cut off...

Conan (internal monologue): Has been announced recently by the MPD...

Conan (internal monologue): Why only one leg of the shogi board?

Ayumi: Hey, what is that "patch fixing" thing?

Haibara: That's called "match fixing," and it's said when one does something like losing a match on purpose! You see, like the thing Edogawa-kun does in games in order to let you all have the credits!

Genta: Wait, that was on purpose?

Conan (internal monologue): No, I really lost at that...

Mitsuhiko: But I wonder, where did the word "match fixing" come?

Haibara: Who knows... Sumo, maybe?

Conan: Shogi could unexpectedly be the origin of that...

Shūkichi: Rather than shogi...


Page 4

Shūkichi: Go is the origin!

Detective Boys: Taikō Meijin!

Shūkichi: Long ago, there was a greengrocer named Chōbee-san, who was called "Yaochō" by everyone...

TN: the japanese word "Yaochō" is made from the "Yao" on "Yaoya" (greengrocer) and the "Chō" from "Chōbee."

Shūkichi: Since he wanted his Igo friends to buy items from his shop, he was losing on purpose to put them in a good mood...

Shūkichi: But one day, Chōbee-san had a draw match with a strong go player named Honinbo Shūgen...

Shūkichi: And Chōbee-san's skills at Igo were exposed to everyone around him...

Shūkichi: Since then, when yourself or someone else loses on purpose in order to make profit...

Shūkichi: We've been referring to that as "match fixing!"

Detective Boys: Heeeeh...

Conan: Tell me... Did you happen to have a match with that person who was found as a corpse, player Nishikido?

Shūkichi: Yes... Several times during events...


Page 5

Shūkichi: He didn't give me any particular impression, but...

Shūkichi: There was only one time where the move he played after coming back from the restroom...

Shūkichi: Was unexpectedly brilliant, that it surprised me...

Shūkichi: Although, I somehow pulled through it and won...

Conan: Hmmm...

Ayumi: By the way...

Ayumi: Are you on a date with Yumi-san today?

Shūkichi: Eeeeh!?

Shūkichi: W-Why is that!?

Ayumi: Because when you don't wear your kimono, your beard is growing...

Ayumi: Yet you shaved it today!

Shūkichi: I-It's because I'm going to meet important persons...

Shūkichi: It's not a date...

Genta: What, so it's not a date, huh...


Page 6

Conan: What are you doing? Yumi-san...

Yumi: W...

Yumi: What, well...

Yumi: I'm trailing him!

Yumi: Chūkichi, I mean!

Mitsuhiko: Why are you doing that?

Genta: Did you fight?

Yumi: N-No...

Yumi: It's not like we had a fight, but...

Yumi: Recently, that Chūkichi's been acting weird...

Yumi: He's been dressing up and going out secretly a lot...

Yumi: And when I ask him where he goes, he's dodging the question...

Yumi: W-Well, now that we're living together, to see even the sides of him I don't have to see, or should I say...

Yumi: I think I'm just thinking too much about that...

Haibara: This is all probably...


Page 8

Conan: Look here...

Conan: I think he's just simply buying donuts, you know?

Yumi: Yeah...

Yumi: The problem is for whom he's buying them... 

Conan: But it seems he's buying a lot of them, so...

Conan: Isn't he going to meet his friends and drink together or something?

Yumi: There's also the possibility of a gluttonous woman, right?

Conan: T-That's true...

Conan: Anyway, did you meet Taikō Meijin's parents?

Yumi: No, not yet but...

Yumi: I did hear about the fact that he entered the family of a very rich person as a son-in-law around the time he aimed to be a pro-player...

Yumi: The son of that family was a genius at shogi, but he died in an accident...

Yumi: They apparently asked him whether he could become their son-in-law and fulfill the dream of that son...


Page 16

Hishinuma: Ge...

Hishinuma: Genda-san!?

Hishinuma: No way...

Hishinuma: Are you alright!? Genda-san!

Uriyū: Wait, that's a joke, right!?

Conan: No can do... He's not breathing...

Conan: Strangling, huh...

Conan: !?

Conan: A shogi board with two legs cut off!?

Conan: Oi, oi, don't tell me this is...

Side text: What is the meaning of the thing left at the scene!? Next issue, he appears in the cover! Furthermore, the poster's first publication...!!


UPDATE (#3):

And here's some additional translations, courtesy of Spimer:


"Conan reflects that Kōji was indeed the scion of a wealthy family, and that Taikō Meijin (Shūkichi) joined them to inherit Kōji's dream. Yumi then adds that the biggest reason Shūkichi did so is because he fell in love with shogi. He then asks if she's met his true family. She replies that she hasn't, either, but knows there's a mother, a sister and a big brother. She then says that she suspects they must look like Shūkichi and must be pretty carefree, which leads to Conan thinking that there's no "'carefree' members in the family."
The star donuts was a store Yumi saw in a magazine and she suggested him to go try it out, hence why he's bought the stuff there.
Also, Chikara Katsumata was originally going to come see the students' training but he's busy with his own students so he couldn't come.

The two women are actually rivals on their "career" to become pro players. The guy they met with is a fan of Shūkichi. They spend a while talking about how the coffee he bought lacks taste, and one of the women presumes how the bread she bought is hot and recently made.


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Apologies for the triple post.


Here's a very short File 1,044 summary, courtesy of Sen:


-Shūkichi solves the serial murders
-Another death and a new board with only one leg
-Next issue: solution



Here's a text summary of 1,044, translation courtesy of Spimer:


Satō argues that the culprit of these murders must be the same because the info about the shogi board was only published a couple hours before Genda's murder, so, to her, it's simply too early for a copycat to have sprung into action.

The relationships between suspects and victims:
Nishikido (1st victim of the shogi murders) was friends with Genda (2nd victim), but none of the three suspects (Hishinuma, Shoko or Mina) had met Nishikido.

Genda was the one who did these training sessions, originally. There originally were 4 members of the practice group—Shūkichi had heard rumors of the group as being comprised of remarkably powerful players. The members were Nishikido, Genda, Yūhei Kishimoto (the one mentioned in the previous chapter that wouldn't be joining the group), who had recently became depressed, and Sanji Uriyū (brother of Shoko), who'd recently become a pro player.

Kishimoto's depression was likely related to Uriyū's unexplained, sudden suicide—Uriyū had been very high spirits and was having a winning streak, and they'd even anticipated and celebrated a rise in rank. Mina had been hanging out with him, at the time. Uriyū was also possibly part of the fixed game circle, since he apparently had been summoned by the shogi federation at some point shortly before his suicide.

Genda, finding himself suddenly alone after what happened to Nishikido, Uriyū and Kishimoto, asked Hishinuma to join him, and he invited Shoko and Mina.


When Conan points out that there might be more murders and Yumi scolds him, he responds, "But if it were Shinichi-niichan, I'm sure he'd say the same, wouldn't he?"


When Hishinuma tries to tell the police where Kishimoto's house is at, since he doesn't remember the exact address, they see smoke rising from it. Satō and Takagi rush there while ordering the suspects to go back to their respective homes and wait there, and not to go out on their own because they might be in the killer's list, too.

Yuminaga reports that they managed to prevent the house from burning down completely, but Kishimoto got burnt to a crisp. While at first glance, it looked like he was dead before the fire began because of a lack of vital reactions, his rectal temperature hadn't descended too much—it was possible he might've been alive until shortly before the fire began. Takagi asks if Kishimoto could have been killed after Genda, and Yuminaga replies that Megure told him about the shogi board found there—a board lacking 3 legs, this time. Yuminaga notices Conan, and Takagi admits he slipped into the patrol car without them noticing.


At night, Shūkichi rings at someone's door and apologizes for his sudden visit, while commenting, "so this is where you moved to", implying this person lived somewhere else before but moved to this place recently. He says he's come to suggest that they turn themselves in, since he's sure they're Genda's killer.


No break next week!


And here's an official (text) teaser of File 1,045, translation courtesy of Spimer:


"Meijin's fast checkmate! Who will be the great detective then! The shogi boards with cut off legs call for mysteries (shogi players serial murder case). All young shogi players suspects have alibis for the few minutes the crime took part in, but... will [Conan] be able to see through the truth?"


We should be able to expect 1,045 spoiler pics later this week.

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Apologies for the quadruple post.


1,045 text spoilers are now out, courtesy of 2leaves:


"There is a lot to see in this file"

Yusaku, Yukiko and Akai show up—the three of them are together at the Kudō mansion. Akai is himself—not Subaru—and not wearing the knit cap, either. Akai only has his hat off when he is in the house—when he goes out to meet Conan, he puts his hat and sunglasses on.
The culprit kidnapped Shūkichi—Akai meets up with Conan and they go rescue Shūkichi together. It seems that Shūkichi manages to call his brother from behind his back when he is tied to a table.



Here are some spoiler panels from 1,045:


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