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こんにちは! バブルベラリナです! (Hi! This is Bubblebellarina!)

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Hi! This is Bubbles, a DCMK fanfiction writer and reader from FF.Net! I am a sixteen yr old girl who loves Chocolate and Furuya Rei and Kaito KID (who doesn't?) and I'm from *confidential location*, nice to meet you all!


I enjoy basically all sorts of fanfiction in the fandom no matter the ship or bashing or the idea (even if they don't make any sense) as long as the writing and plot is good! (I might be a little miffed if you bash KID/Kaito or Amuro/Rei, though, but, whatever.) But I prefer those where someone figures Conan out (not Ran. There're too many of them!!) Or when someone from our world is thrown into the DCMK universe. I also like those where those 'Conan Protection Squad' (Amuro, Akai, KID, ext.) work together, but I can't seem to find them.


I am currently rewriting Intermediary, a fic where an OC of mine get sent into the DC universe and decided to become an intermediate for KID, Amuro, Akai, Vermouth, the rest of the FBI or CIA or PSB and Conan to make them 'stop running around in circles and work together already dammit', so she can get revenge on Gin who killed her sister. I am rewriting that mess right now but still I'll be happy if you give it a look and leave me some feedbacks (No matter good or bad!)! Thanks a bunch!

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