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Kaushik Majumdar

Encyption on Login Form Page

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This is a serious issue for people using public WiFi to access their account, the forums or trying to log into the DCW Website. Their login credentials may be compromised, given how easy it is to snoop a public WiFi. Please enable 128-bit encryption on the login page atleast.

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For me, it isn't quite an issue (except that government agencies can capture the login information and I don't care if they access this account :P). However, it seems that it is harder to do than said (HTTPS in DCW is actually available for a time, but most assets like pictures aren't loaded even when all of them are forced through HTTPS). This is an example of the login page when forced through HTTPS:




This is the main page:




And this is the DCW WIki's Main Page:



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However, the links are broken. The wiki page link above the page redirects to "wiki/Main_Page" which renders an IP Address not found error. I have to manually type in the full address "http://detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Main_Page" to avoid the error.

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3 hours ago, Maurice said:

Good catch. I fixed it. Thanks! :)

Thank you for making DCW better!

The links are working normally now. However, lock icons appear next to links and thumbnails. They don't have any effect on the website's behavior though.

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