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What japanese level are you?

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Studied Japanese for more than three years, but that doesn't make me a pro. I still consider myself a beginner because I still lack experience (i.e. listening-talking to a native speaker, haven't taken the JLPT exams). I'm trying to get a job where I can hone this skills though. (:

Does happen to me,no JLPT for me at all too~

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At the weaboo level. :-P

Lol, jk. Once I attempted (and failed) to memorize the hiragana characters. I also know random phrases from prolong exposure to the language (read: watching anime). I can recognize some kanji as Mandarin, but I don't think that really counts....

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I am a fluent Japanese speaker...

Even though I am born and is living in America, I'm 100% Japanese.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.


Cool :)

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