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  1. 1. What is your blood group?

    • A
    • B
    • AB
    • O
  2. 2. Are you right or left handed?

    • Right
    • Left
    • I won't tell ya!

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So, what is your blood group? I'm curious because in DC them talk pretty much about blood and blood groups. Them are also an important clue in investigation.

Some examples:

Eisuke: O, but nowadays AB

Kir/Hidemi/Rena: AB

Kaito: B

Shinichi and Ran: I don't remember what was their blood group but it was same...

I hope some discussion about blood groups... ;)

Yeah, this is pretty weird topic, but still answers, please. :roll:

EDIT: Let's add another part to this: Right and Left handness. That is also pretty important part of investigation... aren't them?

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Anybody heard of the blood group personality test?! Haha theres an experiment on young children with different blood group in Japan. The results are amazing! Think theres a Youtube video about it. Cant remember where it is now. Think it is hosted by Aiba of Arashi with a group of preschool children. Its sooo KyuUTE!!!

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Nope its this:


kekeke wonder if you understand what they are saying.

I think you just watch their reactions will be enough.

The teacher comes in to tell them that the vase is very precious and absolutely shall not be broken.

And Aiba-kun accidentally broke the vase. Look at each blood type's reaction. XD

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I realized that my brother's blood group is most likely AB. And if that is true we are like Eisuke and Hidemi cuz mine is O. <_<

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I have no idea what is my blood group. But Since my mum is O and my dad is B, and my personality is closer to my dad's I presume Im B... kekeke B)

The Japanese thing is only a basic approximation of your personality...I wouldn't rely on it to predict your blood type...

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Great! :) btw Im not born in China, but I am Chinese too :) kekeke

I visited China last year. I went to Beijing and Shanghai!!!

Kaitou Kiddo:

You didn't have pity, my bad boy

Those were all slendid tricks

If you said you loved me just for amusement

You're playing with fire...!!!

It's always this way

You're all take

You devil devil you you

From who

Was that call from?

With that ring you hid your plans....



You better run, run, run, run

I'm not finished with u yet


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